The Tokenator platform is used to buy digital currencies at a discount. Customers are offered a portfolio of currencies to choose from, with some tokens being up to 80% off their normal retail price. Each day there is a new offer provided exclusively through Tokenator with a time limited attached. Once the timer has expired, that token will no longer be available for purchase at a reduced rate.

How Does Tokenator Work?

Tokenator works similarly to a daily deals website such as Groupon. Every day, there is a token or crypto offer provided by one of the platform’s suppliers. These currencies are guaranteed to be legitimate, as each transaction is recorded on the related blockchain or ledger as part of the promotion.

Customers sign up for an account, and within minutes they can get started with buying digital currencies at a discount. The registration process is simple: one simply confirms their email address and preferred payment methods, both of which are taken care of through Tokenator’s secure customer portal.

What Are The Features Of The Tokenator Platform?

Tokenator has apparently taken their time to ensure that their platform is as easy to use as possible, as well as maintaining high levels of security and functionality. This can be evidenced by the amount of features provided by the company.

No Scam

ICOs have an attracted an unfortunate reputation of being seen as fraudulent investments, and rightly so. The sheer amount of ICOs and HYIP platforms has meant that some unscrupulous companies have slipped under the radar. This has costed investors an untold amount of money in lost profits and principal capital.

Fortunately, Tokenator apparently has a secure vetting process to ensure that all of the ICO tokens sold through their platforms are legitimate and are offered by verified companies only.


Tokenator’s unique role as an aggregator of token sales means that it can negotiate better deals on behalf of their investors. This means that one could end up with more money in their pockets than going at it alone.

Collective Buying Power

Similar to the above bonus incentive, Tokenator’s users also enjoy group buying discounts. A high number of investors purchasing tokens collectively means that the risk (and higher returns) are shared among the customers of the Tokenator’s platform.

Not only can this help mitigate risk and increase return, collective buying also helps to shield against fraud or the ICO disappearing with one’s principal investment. This then helps to keep the companies responsible and transparent, as criminal organizations would be hesitant to deal with a large number of informed consumers all at once.

Tokenator Conclusion

Tokenator provides a convenient, secure, and potentially lucrative investment platform for both novice and experienced investors. Through their leverage of group buying and select bonuses, one could be left in the best position possible to buy profitable tokens.

More details about the Tokenator platform can be read on the company's website, which includes a profile and short description of each executive team member that deal with their customers.

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