TokenBoost Review: Safe Crypto Coin Market-Making Liquidity Service?

TokenBoost is an online platform that offers market-making services to ICO projects, which increase the liquidity of the ICO’s tokens and subsequently ensures that the tokens are on the top of cryptocurrency exchange ranks.

Additionally, TokenBoost will solve one of the major challenges faced by ICOs, which is the fact that for the ICOs to be listed on CoinMarketCap they are required to have a minimum daily trading volume of $100 000 on major crypto exchanges. This requirement is limiting especially to ICOs that are just starting out in the industry.

TokenBoost’s solution will enable the ICOs to have high volumes and be listed on CoinMarketCap, which will make the projects to be noticed and trusted by potential investors, partners, and even traders. This will increase the demand for the tokens, and eventually result in the increased price and value of the tokens.

How Does TokenBoost Work?

There are various packages that ICOs can choose from depending on the trading volumes that they require:

  • Minimum Package – this package costs $1000 per week and provides the ICOs with $25000 volume.
  • Standard package –this package goes for $2000 per week, and it offers the ICO with $50,000 token trading volume.
  • Full package – the full package provides the ICOs with $100,000 token trading volume and costs $4000 every week.

Once the ICO chooses the token trading volume they require, they then lease the tokens to TokenBoost under the market-making agreement. After both parties agree on the terms and conditions listed in the agreement, TokenBoost creates volume for the ICO on all the exchanges that the ICO’s token have been listed on.

Furthermore, TokenBoost will maintain the depth of the order book at all times. This ensures that the combined trading volumes on the exchanges the token is listed on is always above the minimum CoinMarketCap trading volume requirement of $100 000.

Through maintaining of healthy trading volume, the ICO’s stability is indicated and enables the tokens to be accepted on CoinMarketCap, which will increase the token value in exchanges as well as increased demand of the tokens.

Advantages Of TokenBoost

Unique Trading Algorithms

The platform is integrated with unique trading algorithms, which are designed to ensure that the ICOs tokens have a high liquidity. A high token liquidity is beneficial as it provides the tokens with a useful function and makes the tokens easily tradable on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Professional Team

TokenBoost boasts of a highly professional team of more than ten traders who have a combined experience of more than 5 years in trading on exchanges. This guarantees the users top-notch services from the beginning to the end of the process.


The platform is compatible with almost every token in the crypto token regardless of the trading volume it currently has or whether it is listed on a decentralized or a centralized exchange.


TokenBoost ensures the stability of the tokens under its watch by maintaining a thick order book 24/7 for any period as per the needs of the ICO.

Previous Success Cases

TokenBoost already has a great record of accomplishment, as it has managed to help seven other ICO projects achieve their desired goals.

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