What Is Tokeneo?

Tokeneo is building a unique crypto trading platform in which investors are regarded as partners and thereby have an input in how the ecosystem develops share in its successes. The fundamental idea behind this project is the fact that current market solutions are inadequate and mostly superficial, which means there is a willing consumer base for this platform. Tokeneo intends to be an excellent crypto exchange that investors can own and have considerable power over the continued development of the project.

What Tokeneo Community-Based Cryptocurrency Exchange Proposes

Right from the launch date, users on the Tokeneo will get the opportunity to freely trade on up to 25 different token markets with guaranteed liquidity, thanks to the successful ICO. These selected markets will be the top performing ones and will be updated based on current industry sentiments and predictions, including a focus on upcoming, exciting technologies that have great potential for adoption and growth. Tokeneo is dedicated to supporting innovative projects that have a long-term development and strategy plan, along with a strong foundation.

Some of the order types available at the start, include market buy and sell, limit buy and sell as well ass the take-profit and stop-loss order. This initial package will be adequate for most investors using the Tokeneo platform when it launches. However, there are still plans on customizing the platform even further with multiple trading options and also improving the general user experience.

Tokeneo will also launch TokeneoCash exchange for clients who want anonymity as they make their trades. This crypto exchange office will be available online and will support anonymous trades up to specific limits.

Tokeneo Income Sources

There are two principal sources of income that the Tokeneo exchange investors should know, direct and indirect revenue. The direct income sources will include fees from all the services provided by this exchange to its clients. These direct services include transaction fees, payout fees, charges for listing on the exchange and also FIAT currency conversion costs. Meanwhile, the external revenue will comprise trading bots, nodes and mining, partnerships, paid promotion and other strategic partnerships.

Tokeneo TEO Token & ICO Details

Based on ERC20 protocol, the TEO Token sold during all the ICO stages is fully compliant with the principles for generating digital assets within the Etheruem ecosystem. The hard cap of generated tokens will be 100 million, and there will not be any other tokens released after the fundraising stage. Once the ICO is completed, the only source of TEO tokens will be the investors. They can choose to sell or exchange their tokens within the new Tokeneo exchange.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token name and symbol: Tokeneo (TOKEN)
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000 tokens
  • Pre-ICO stage: 8,000,000 tokens
  • Main ICO stage: 80,000,000 tokens
  • Reserve amount: 12,000,000 tokens
  • Accepted payment: Bitcoin, Stellar, Lisk, Etheruem, NEO, Waves
  • Soft cap: $3,000,000
  • Hard cap: $100,000,000

Token Distribution

  • Bounty campaigns for active Tokeneo users: 2%
  • Pre-ICO institutional funding: 8%
  • Developers team: 10%
  • Main ICO public crowdsale: 80%

Expenditure Details

  • Platform monitoring, security and code auditing: 3%
  • Reserve tokens for liquidity: 15%
  • Advertising and customer acquisition: 17%
  • R&D and complementary business services: 18%
  • Recruiting new employees: 21%
  • Maintaining optimal Token liquidity levels: 26%

ICO Dates

  • First Stage: The Pre-ICO already occurred from 1/4/2018 to 1/5/2018 and generated 5,000,000 tokens.
  • Second Stage: The main public sale will occur from 14/7/2018 to 10/8/2018 with a target of 80 million tokens.

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