TokenGen is the next platform to be labeled as the ultimate smart contract creator for the virtual token economy. It’s derived from the Fabric Token and is designed to be simple and intuitive. It gives anyone the ability to create smart contracts for the token economy, and they don’t need to have any previous knowledge at all.

What Is TokenGen?

Again, dubbed the ultimate smart contract generator, there is now a live demo that has been released through the fabric token, and it’s how users can test the demo. The full version of the tool is scheduled for release on April 1st once the crowdsale is over. That’s when the team will turn the system on, so it will work with the Ethereum network and the platform will actually work as directed.

The point is to give the users a cost-effective way to make smart contracts with their tokens and crowdsales as well, without having to be a tech wizard. It has a complete and total step by step guide that walks users through the development of smart contracts, complete with all the code they need to use the contract for deployment. And they can do so on the Ethereum network, at which time they can run their own smart crowdsale to sell it to parties who want buy.

Version 1.0 of the platform will be able to support several different smart contract templates for crowdsales and tokens. It will let the users customize their project, so it will meet the exact needs they have. And not only that, version 2.0 will be released at the end of April and have even more advanced smart contracts with templates to make it even easier.

The Fabric Token System is a platform, designed to help people and companies make smart contracts as well as Daps that are decentralized, but don’t require any experts to make them work.

The FT crowdsale has already raised more than 2,000 Ethereum of the 9668,25 ETH hard cap. They will run the until the hard cap is met or until April 1st of 2018. And any tokens that are unsold will be burned afterwards.

There is a minimum cap of 0.1 ETH and a maximum of 9 ETH when it comes to contributions. And 1 ETH will get you 8,000 FT. With around a week left until the Fabric Token ICO is over, it may be your last chance to pick up any of the tokens at the current crowdsale prices, a token that is the foundational fuel for a new platform that literally has unlimited potential.

TokenGen In Conlclusion

If you’re going to get in on this platform that could be one of the most successful cryptocurrency companies in history because of the easy to create smart contract system they’ve developed, it would be smart to pick up some of the FT right now. Because these are the brad and butter of the platform and without them, you won’t be able to use the system – which literally has more potential than any other startup seen all last year and this year, in my opinion.

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