It is evident that ICOs are finding it hard to manage the complexities that come with the ever-changing technology that is the blockchain. The need to have long-lived applications, avoid network lock-ins and other situations necessitate always to have an expert on hand. And although the blockchain venture to want to keep their critical use productive and working, outsourcing for an expert could deplete your capital expenditure.

If you are in such a position, there is an all in one turnkey solution that will ensure you have an optimal infrastructure for your blockchain venture.

What Is TokenGet?

TokenGet is an advanced form of blockchain turnkey solution for all ICO ventures. The answer will carry an integrated set of tools to allow it to act as a software-as-a-service crowdfunding platform for all blockchain entrepreneurs. These tools will help provide for an ICO infrastructure that will have extra functionality, resilience, and scale to the project and thus make the venture agile and ultimately adaptive to any forthcoming change.

In short, TokenGet provides services for ICOs which are often not easy to find. Additionally, their solution wants to encourage possible ICOs based on their high-performance, cost-effective and customized solutions to the population.

TokenGet Features

  • KYC- a KYC/AML check system integration for the customers
  • Referral program- set up an automatic referral bonus distribution model for each sale stage
  • Automated Airdrop- get to monitor your airdrops through a computerized check-in system
  • Multiple Token support- wide range of support services for tokens including ERC20, NEO, Stellar and ERC223
  • Investor dashboard- an investor dashboard with extra features to allow for secure customization
  • SAFT- provides an educative background to helping compliance with existing U.S laws and regulations about the ICO in question.
  • Smart contract generator
  • Token sale configuration- processes all investor transactions while also allowing for token emission
  • Marketing module- monitor any ROI of the advertising campaigns
  • ICO management- outline the stages of your ICO
  • CMS- this will pertain integrating your ICO with the user languages, social networks, localization, partners, FAQ or publications

TokenGet ICO & SAFT Turnkey Crowdfunding Blockchain Benefits

By utilizing an off-the-shelf application, users are set to experience a range of benefits once implementation into the existing ICO processes happens.

  • Security- TokenGet incorporates the latest security features to ensure a safe and pen tested environment
  • Speed- setup and start funding your ICO within a week
  • Reliability- with multiple data centers there is an optimal flow and load of data
  • Usability- users can customize their UI

Is TokenGet A Viable Option For An ICO?

No technology solution is entirely perfect to meet all the need of the interested parties. As such, even the best turnkey solutions like TokenGet will experience challenges in its quest. However, to determine whether TokenGet is viable for your project would need you to start out by defining your ICO needs before starting out with a solution. But shopping for a turnkey solution is a challenge in itself and at time people end up using a custom solution. That is because most anticipate that turnkey solutions such as TokenGet are infinitely customizable to accommodate their personalized features.

Still, the ICO scene is witnessing a boom, and TokenGet is on course to gain a much-needed boost regarding users. I anticipate more blockchain ventures to accommodate their solution and enjoy a comfortable and productive ICO stage.

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  1. To the person, who wrote that article thank you! I’m from TokenGet and it’s such a surprise to find out that someone has noticed all our efforts !

    Thank you!

  2. Minus the fact that they completely scammed Mobilink Coin, and are now trying to cover it up by saying they terminated the contract over “scam concerns”. Let me ask you something. If you had concerns that Mobilink was a scam, why say so at the end of their ICO instead of sooner? Maybe because you planned on extorting them the whole time? You locked them out of their dashboard, and stole 900,000,000 tokens and spread it over 4 wallets. That’s worth $90,000,000 USD! Then you tried deleting the transactions to cover your tracks, but you forgot everything is recorded on Etherscan!

    You hoped they would just roll over and play along after you threatened their advisers, but it didn’t work. So now you claim scam, hoping people will turn to your side. Luckily, Mobilink was prepared, actions have been taking, plans are moving forward, and you will be brought to justice.


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