TokenGo GPT ICO Review

Startups and lucrative investment ideas founded based on the blockchain technology can easily amass funds enough to power up their operation through ICOs. But their founders need to identify a comprehensible tool that will enable smooth integration of crowdfunding platform and the ICO. So far, there are three major platforms to use – Ethereum, Waves, and TokenGo, though this piece will review the latter – TokenGo.

Many understandably opt for Ethereum owing to the ease of creating smart contracts while sizeable others have grown to prefer Waves platform. Waves platform isn’t inferior as it serves to offer what Ethereum can’t. Its strengths include the availability of a proprietary application which one can embed functions of a purse, an exchange and its allowance for financing.

Also, tokens created using Waves platform are available for sale in an open market during crowdfunding. Token holders can also reserve the right to exchange them for others from other tokens within blockchain-infrastructure of Waves.

What is TokenGo?

To rival the two and bring in a different and better experience is TokenGo. This platform introduces itself as a “fair, rewarding, powered blockchain-based, business tokenization platform.” Fundamentally, it is an open-type platform that will allow its users' freedom to use a couple of conventional industrial JSON RESTful APIs.

Its central area of application is completing ICO procedures. It is excellent for blockchain-based companies looking to create tokens. It has a unique TokenGo smart contract creator that dramatically reduces how human factors can affect the working and regulation of an ICO process. Its main benefit is the ease of spending little time to customize and launch an ICO as it basically needs no professional expertise.

Also, as an excellent choice since while customizing it, you will not alter with its transparency or hurt its reliability. The use of this tokenization creator significantly reduces the time required by a company to set up its ICO.

Away From Creating Tokens, TokenGo Comes in Handy

  • Voting – ensures maximum security of the system, including ensuring votes cast isn’t altered and thus becomes a worthy alternative to electronic voting and registration of resolutions.
  • Creating in-house cryptocurrency – using it, you may create your cryptocurrency without any sophisticated programming.
  • Financial payments – it is set to shake up the world of instant payments and transfers worldwide.
  • Owning tokens – a company will use it to identify its past and present token holders and still take account of the pathway tokens took.
  • Automatic accounting – including multiplying and saving blocks of information in its users’ PCs in a decentralized and unaltered manner.

Other applications of the TokenGo platform include allowing all of its participants and GoPower token holder to install voting widgets on their websites for a commission. Also, it is excellent for authentication and notary certification as well as issuing of certificates.

The TokenGo Ecosystem

This ecosystem will ensure an absolute integration of the economic and social happenings for the daily requirements for the success of the platform. It serves as a way in which its stakeholders earn extra income. The components of this ecosystem, therefore, include:

  • TokenGo Blockchain Network
  • TokenGo Web Platform
  • TokenGo Voting Harvester
  • TokenGo Voting Harvester
  • TokenGo ICO landing Page Builder
  • TokenGo Smart Contract Builder

TokenGo GPT Pre-sale and the ICO

1 GPT = 0.00057143 ETH = 0.51 USD

Presale is ending (ends on the 10th of February 2018) and according to what’s on the project’s official website, quite a handsome amount has been amassed. Tokens payments through BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, and DASH were acceptable. Watch out for the ICO!

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  1. In my opinion this project is very perspective and I hope in future TokenGo waits the same success as Waves. After three hours, IСO begins. There comes a moment of truth. Good luck

  2. Obviously blockchain technology is something new for society and at the same time is the most reliable thing if you talk about your financial operations. TokenGo will allow you to be a creator of your own business and provide development for your startups from ICO to smart contracts. Making cryptocurrencies is also an option which TokenGo may give you in the very near future.


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