The popularity and growth of the blockchain technology has incentivized many startups and businesses to tokenize their platforms. Several platforms have come in handy to this end: ICO-listing, crowdfunding platforms, and cryptocurrency exchanges, just to mention a few.

However, one platform has combined the capabilities of all the aforementioned platforms – it is the new TokenGo Platform.

What Is TokenGo?

TokenGo is best described as a business tokenization platform. It is a platform that offers all the necessary tools and resources for businesses to launch and run their ICO procedures, thus enabling easy and quick integration with a crowdfunding platform built on blockchain technology. Its ultimate goal is to automate tokenization and improve the blockchain platform as a whole.

TokenGo Blockchain & Tokenization Platform Features

TokenGo stands out from all other platforms of a similar nature thanks to its outstanding features. They include:

TokenGo Blockchain Network

TokenGo has taken blockchain technology, deconstructed it from scratch, and refined it to become one of the best in the market. To this end, it features better scaling and speed performances. It also utilizes a simple yet sophisticated API that enables users to integrate mobile and web applications easily.

In addition to the blockchain network, TokenGo also has a unified web platform that provides comprehensive information to all users. This includes information about projects and services that are already running or are yet to be connected. Users can also learn everything they need to know about current ICO procedures.

TokenGo ICO Landing Page

Launching and running an ICO sounds complicated, and it is for novices. However, TokenGo makes it as easy as clicking some tabs on its ICO landing page builder. This landing page features some of the most advanced ICO originators in the market today. They make launching ICOs easy by customizing users’ websites and integrating them to the TokenGo platform in just a few clicks. There is no tech jargon involved!

TokenGo Cryptocurrency Exchange

The TokenGo cryptocurrency exchange allows users to integrate an unlimited number of currency pairs into the platform. It comes with a variety of convenient features. For examples, users can create their own cryptocurrencies in a few steps without complicated programming requirements. Additionally, businesses can make instant payments and conduct money transfers worldwide. Finally, all transactions are documented and stored for future references, and users can identify current and past token holders.

Authentication And Certificate Issuance

There are many issues associated with digital identification that are currently plaguing blockchain technology. The TokenGo platform overcomes these issues by allowing invariable, incontestable, and secure authentication.

Additionally, users can create professional certificates for arranging of professionals including brokers and accountants. This helps users to show that their services are secure, reliable, and authentic, thus nurturing trust in their clients.

TokenGo GPT Token ICO Details

TokenGo is going mainstream! It is currently running its ICO, and investors are showing keen interest already. Additionally, it has already achieved the initial milestones in its roadmap, and it should be fully up and running by the third quarter of 2019.

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  1. This project gives a great perspective for the future I advise everyone to look closely and of course will join Successfully goes ICO project TokenGo, until the soft cap, remains very little. The project shows an excellent result


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