Tokenizer is a new blockchain platform that was created for global investors. Many companies are creating Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and they are a gold mine to investors because many of them are basically selling shares of their companies and Tokenizer is aware of that, so the company decided to be a part of the solution.

Unfortunately, there are too many ICOs around, so Tokenizer intends to create a platform that will weed out the worst projects and keep only the best ones.

By using Tokenizer’s services, an user can start to invest in the best ICOs by paying for a custom plan directly with the company and using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash. The funds are then used to take the opportunity to invest in pre-ICOs and find the most rentable offers in the market. These tokens are sold later in the market to pay the profits back to the customers that invested in Tokenizer.

How Does Tokenizer Work?

The company has set up a system in which the client will be able to start investing with a low entry cost. Unlike normal banks, there are no minimum investments for you to use Tokenizer. The platform allows even the smallest investors to have their chance in the market with a low risk, which another important factor.

The risks when you are using Tokenizer are considerably low because the company is made of excellent investors that already have a lot of experience in their career and will make the right choices for you (most of the time).

Another important feature of the company is that it eliminates conversion charges from the process and has a unique marketplace that you can use to invest in all the ICOs at once, making your investments faster and better organized.

You only need to create your account and deposit your funds that the company will use them to invest in the best offers that can be found at the market. 50% of the profit will be yours and 50% will be used in the maintenance of the company’s system.

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How To Use Tokenizer?

To be able to access the services which are currently being offered by this investment company, you will have to use your identification and cryptocurrency wallet. The wallet has to be from either BTC, ETH, LTC or BCH.

After creating your account, you can deposit money and start trading. It’s a very simple process as the company decided to create a platform that would be easy for newcomers and experienced investors alike.

You will be paid daily on the platform, meaning that every day you will receive money equal to 50¨of the profits that the company had with the ICOs. You will be paid until you reach 150% of the quantity of money that you invested. As soon as that happens, you will have to deposit more money to be able to continue to invest.

The only fees that you have to pay while using the service provided by this investment company is 2% whenever you wish to request a payment to your wallet. Payments are generally made within 8 business hours or faster.

The minimum amounts that you can ask to withdraw are 0.00122 BTC, 0.0025 ETH, 0.0041 LTC and 0.00041 BCH. The withdrawals do not have any limits, however.

Is It Secure to Use Tokenizer?

Yes. The company uses 2-factor authentication so nobody other than you can access your account and it has security measures against hackers. The company is also fully licensed for its activity, so no worries with its legality or legitimacy either.

The only risk that you have is to lose your money because the company did not invest well. This is always a risk in any market, but we do not think that there are great chances of that happening here.

The Tokenizer Conclusion

This is a very interesting company that might enable you to get a great profit. 50% profit is not bad and if the company really do its work well, it is actually easier to invest using Tokenizer than investing all by yourself and being more prone to the risks of the market.

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  1. Because of this article ppl lost thousands of dollars…. the company siphoned millions of dollars and went offiline on 16th July 2018…..


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