tokens is a cryptocurrency trading platform that uses “Dynamic Trading Rights” to change the way we trade crypto assets. Here’s our review.

What Is aims to revolutionize the cryptocurrency trading world by introducing a trustworthy, transparent, and reliable way to exchange digital tokens. The platform revolves around the use of Dynamic Trading Rights tokens, or DTR.

The ICO for is taking place throughout November and December. The platform is being developed by Damian Merlak, the Slovenian entrepreneur best known for co-founding Bitstamp.

Let’s take a closer look at how aims to compete in the crowded world of cryptocurrency exchanges.

How Does Work? introduces two key technologies to the world of cryptocurrency trading, including Dynamic Trading Rights (DTR) and DTR Voice. These two technologies are used to trade ERC20 tokens and other cryptocurrencies against one another., meanwhile, will charge a 0.15% fee, on average, to both buyers and sellers (0.075% to each).

The platform revolves around the use of DTR tokens. These tokens act as vouchers, and can be used to pay for future trading fees on the platform. Here’s how the whitepaper explains DTR tokens:

“DTR tokens will represent a right to make a trade on our Tokens platform on any currency pair listed at any time in the future. The amount of trading you will be able to fund using a single token will be dynamically set, based on the market price of DTR at the moment of the trade.”

Any client that doesn’t own DTR will still be charged a fee. The equivalent amount of their traded currency will be transferred to DTR during the trading process.

Any DTR used for trading will be burned on the Ethereum network using a smart contract built specifically for that purpose.

DTR Voice, meanwhile, will function as a DAO-style voting system, where you can commit DTR as voting ballots. The more DTR tokens you commit, the more voting power will be given to your decision. All voting is for guidance purposes only, and is not binding or mandatory for the platform.


The ICO is scheduled for November 6 to December 6, 2017, with a max ICO token supply of 1.5 billion out of a total token supply of 3.75 billion.

40% of the total supply of tokens is being distributed to ICO backers, with the remainder distributed to team members and future employees (30%) and the company (30%).

The company seeks to raise $15 million through its token sale, with tokens priced at $0.01.

Acceptable payment methods include bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple.

The company has a very ambitious goal for the future. They aim to capture 2.5% of the world’s crypto trading volume within the first year (!) of operation. All revenue projections you see in the whitepaper are based on this very ambitious goal. The company claims that it will earn $18 million in the first year, for example, and capture $12 billion of total trading volume.

Who’s Behind is in development by a London-based company named Token Holdings Limited. That company is led by Damian Merlak, described as the leading architect and founder of the platform.

Merlak discovered bitcoin in 2011. He later built a bitcoin mining operation in his basement, then launched a bitcoin business – Bitstamp – with a friend. Today, Bitstamp is one of the highest-volume cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Merlak, meanwhile, is the sixth richest person in his native country of Slovenia.

Other key members of the team include Gregor Karlovsek, MBA (Corporate, Finance & Control), Gregor Gololicic (Development), and Luka Pusic (Information Security).

The company hopes to launch a private beta for in April 2018, with a public launch scheduled for July. Conclusion, or the Tokens trading platform, is a unique crypt currency trading platform that aims to capture 2.5% of the world’s trading volume within the first 12 months of launch. Based on that assumption, the platform is expecting to generate $18 million within the first year of launch. It will make that money by charging average trading fees of 0.15%.

Overall, there’s not much information about available online at this time. The whitepaper is just 19 short pages long, and the website has limited details about the platform’s features. What we do know is that Tokens will allow the trading of ERC20 tokens and cryptocurrencies, but there isn’t much further information about what kind of unique features it brings to the industry.

Nevertheless, you can learn more about the Tokens cryptocurrency trading platform today by visiting

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