TokensGate is a platform that you can use to invest in the blockchain industry without being an expert or, in fact, having any technical knowledge of how the blockchain works. Interested? Read our review to see if this company is a good idea for you.

How Does TokensGate Work?

The company was created to buy and manage cryptocurrency tokens for you so you can make money with them without actually having to do anything.

With the help of the company, you will be able to invest in companies while they are still looking for investors and the price of their tokens is still considerably low. These are rising companies which have been evaluated by the company as not very risky. The company will evaluate the Initial Coin Offerings available at the moment and how the market is to determine which tokens will be bought.

You will be able to use a panel in which you can see all of your tokens at the same time (there will be several of them). The tokens will have scores and information to tell which ones are the most valuable ones and let you know if you should keep them until they get more valuable or if it is a good time to sell them.

How To Invest in TokensGate?

Basically, you have to contact the company to sign a contract and use Ethereum to fund your account. The company will buy all the tokens for you based on their definitions of what tokens should be bought to prioritize your investment.

It is against the policies of the company to let the consumer decide which tokens will be bought, so bear in mind that you have no say on how your money will be used. You will be able to withdraw any of your tokens at any time, though (if there is enough liquidity for you to do so. The company does not take responsibility over lack of liquidity).

The company charges maintenance fees of 5%. This means that if you decide to withdraw 1 ETH, you will receive only 0.95 ETH. These resources are used to keep the platform running.

The TokensGate Team

Interested in knowing the main personnel of this company? You should be. The co-founders are Szymon Piekarz, Wojciech Labryga, Aliaksandr Horlach, Piotr Danelski and Evgeny Chamtonau. They came up with the idea and the initial structure for the company.

TokensGate also has many advisors to help: Jeffery L. Grady, Jeremy Glover, Laurent Uhres, Marta Domańska, Andrew Hubert Willmann, Tomasz Mironczuk, Duke Vu, Christian Kranicke, Jacek Czarnohorski, Piotr Arendarski, Alexander Lozben, Kacper Grzesiak, Grigory Vasilkov, Emil Ślązak, Anna Paszek, Alexey Kruchenok, Dimitri Mikhalchuk, Maksim Lazarevich, Kirill Voloshin and Michał Kowalski.

The TokensGate Conclusion

This is a company for high investments. You really need to have a serious capital if you really want to make some profit with TokensGate, but if that is your objective, then we are quite sure that this company will help you to succeed.

With so many advisors and a group of experienced people, TokensGate seems to be a good strategy for the people who want to get in the cryptocurrency business to get high profits with a low margin of risks even if they do not know so much about this market.

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