The Tokenza Network

With the advent of blockchain technology, it is now possible to raise funds and hire freelance professionals if you have a promising project. Tokenza network is a decentralized crowdfunding as well as freelance platform based on the Ethereum blockchain technology that seeks to help people do that and more. It is a network of entrepreneurs, curators, blockchain investors and freelance workers.

How Tokenza Works

Tokenza platform participants use a cryptographic token called TKZ to value the projects and services offered. People with creative and promising ideas present the same to the platform and invite investors to fund the projects and bounty workers to offer their expertise towards the implementation of the projects. Since raising funds for your brilliant idea isn’t enough if you lack the personnel to implement that idea, this platform ensures that you not only have your idea funded in seconds but you also get a network of professional freelancers willing to work with you for a fee.

Why Is It Good For Freelancers?

As a freelancer, you want to be part of as much promising projects to make good money. Getting such projects in the physical world is not an easy task. In this platform, you join a network of other freelancers and project owners where you get the chance to monetize your skills while creating workforce groups and alliances. You not only make money, but also get to learn a lot of new things that help you advance your knowledge and skills.

Building Trust In Tokenza

Not all cryptocurrencies platforms have a promising future so you have to carry out due diligence to determine the future of the one you choose to invest in. Tokenza is one different platform. Since raising funds from unknown people requires an element of trust and confidence, this platform has seen the need to use curators and advisors.

As an entrepreneur seeking funds for a project, you can hire advisors to scrutinize your idea and advice appropriately. As an investor, you can hire independent curators who scrutinize projects and give you back a fair review. They usually carry out background checks and provide unbiased information to help you make informed decisions.

Project owners get to add on to their credibility hence finding investors easily. With a strong user profile, you get to build your in-house scoring and trust, reassure investors through verification and as a result getting maximum funding. You also get reliable experts, advisers and bounty workers to bring your project to fruition.

Tokenza, Making the World Better

With the decentralization system, it is now becoming easier for people to utilize their funds and others to monetize their skills and knowledge without the stringent and limiting government regulations. The system will see people create networks irrespective of their nationalities and geographical locations.

Since this system is entirely online, these networks will evade governments bureaucracies, licensing and unfair taxation. They will also largely avoid the expensive and exploitative banking system. People will have a fair access to money, have freedom of work and generally increase their quality of work.

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