TomoChain & Kambria Blockchain AI Robotics Announce Partnership

TomoChain Announces Partnership with Kambria AI Blockchain Platform

Recently, TomoChain announced that it would forge a strategic collaboration with Kambria. The partnership stipulates that Kambria will develop an ecosystem that facilitates the combination of various components such as investors, startups, corporate institutions and universities to create a platform for next-gen robots that will take over all aspects of service delivery.

Kambria is the world's pioneer in the development of an open-source blockchain-based innovation platform that operates by its standards. The primary objective of the platform is to promote the research, development, and monetization of technological products, with an inclination towards consumer-based AI and Robotics applications. To this end, Kambria leverages distributed ledger technology protocols to improve on the efficiency of existent innovation models.

On the other hand, TomoChain is a blockchain platform that facilitates the creation of decentralized applications and issuance of crypto tokens, and their subsequent integration. The reason behind the establishment of TomoChain is to avail a blockchain that supports swift transactions, charges affordable fees and validates processes using smart contracts powered by the 99 Masternodes system. The safety, stability, and irrevocability of the distributed lager are upheld using cutting-edge procedures such as double validation and true randomization.

According to Long Vuong, the CEO of TomoChain, the role of his company is to support promising blockchain startups using alternative funding methods such as ICOs and token sales. Also, the firm is an active advocate for the mass adoption of a blockchain-based financial system that fosters decentralization, tokenization, and other incentives.

Currently, TomoChain presents the best substitute to the Ethereum blockchain concerning scalability. Initially, the partnership with Kambria will support the AI platform and will, later on, extend the backing to applications built on the Kambria platform, in exchange, Kambria will audit the protocol that runs TomoChain and recommend aspects that need improvement.

On his part, the CEO of Kambria, Thuc Vu, noted that the core objective of his organization is to incentivize the innovation process, and thus promote the mass adoption of blockchain and AI technologies across the world. Thuc cited the need for smooth and swift transactions that are validated by certain smart contracts as the main reason behind the partnership with TomoChain. As a result of the collaboration, innovators will freely submit their ideas to the Kambria innovation hub. Moreover, transactions over the network will become faster, affordable and safer.

The deal between these two companies also requires both CEOs to sit on the advisory boards of the other company.

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