The developers of this project have worked with toners and printing for more than 15 years. In the team, they have PhDs and toner manufacturing engineers. They look at the future and see how important it is to save resources and save the environment.

TonerCoin Benefits

One of the main benefits of TonerCoin is the ecological friendliness. A major ingredient of biotone is sugar. Recycling biotone requires much less energy than is needed to disposal a polymer toner.

This project utilizes a unique polymerization process. For the toner manufacturing, they utilize a specialized melting process, which ensures the toner particles produced have less size and are more spherical in shape. This is as opposed to the toners producers using the usual method. This means that there are no competitors for this innovative technology. It offers crisp lines and text and smooth surface, which can compete with any offset printer.

Another benefit of this technology is the lower temperature needed for bonding. This makes the printer more power efficient, which also means it, can be used on more materials. The cartridge lasts longer too. This is made possible by special components in the toner, which are able to police the photoconductor during printing, ensuring that it lasts longer.

This toner also has quite a high adhesivity. This is thanks to the use of wax and a high-quality polymer that has a high adhesivity. Even on high-density materials, the wax will give a nice and natural shine, while ensuring uniformity in color. Besides that, since the toner particles are just 5 to 10 microns, it ensures that there are lower abrasiveness and higher dpi.

How TonerCoin Blockchain Biotoner Printing Manufacturing Works

It is estimated that the toner market will be worth 4.33 billion USD by 2020. It is expected to experience growth of about 5.8 percent each year. The non-bio toner market represents about 70% of the total market right now. Development of bio-toners and the growing awareness about the environment is expected to open up new opportunities for caring for the environment.

Right now, the demand for toners globally stands at 216 kilotons. Each year, this figure continues to grow. There is not going to come a time when the world will not need printers. The continued use of digital printing is expected to be a major driver of growth in the toner market.

This project will utilize 700 grams of recycled polyethylene in a kilo of TonerCoin toner. Purchasing recycled polythene is lower, which means they will be able to lower costs by a great deal.

The cost of printing a copy today stands at around a cent. The technology will allow the costs to be cut by 50% without making any changes to the printers. This toner has been designed in a manner that will allow any printer created in the past 5 years to use it.

TonerCoin TONER Token ICO Details

  • Pre-ICO: July 1, 2018 – July 31, 2018
  • ICO: August 1, 2018 – August 31, 2018

Prices At Pre-ICO

  • 1 TONER = 0.1 USD

Prices At ICO

  • Day 1: 1 TONER = 0.35 USD
  • Day 2: 1 TONER = 0.45 USD
  • Day 3 -31: 0.55 USD

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