This is a new healtcare system that is designed as a biometric blockchain technology-based project and will be used to supposedly transform the information sharing network that is used for keeping records in the healthcare industry.

What Is Tonestra?

The Tonestra system is a project that covers the different areas of the healthcare industry. These different areas include aspects of medical research and genetics research as well as genome technology. Even different areas of the industry like those in nursing technology, services and sciences are important positions that will deliver a lot of knowledgeable information to helping keep the platform working optimally and moving forward accordingly.

Biotech is a major part of the technological world and something that needs to be considered by many different facets of the industry. The reason that blockchain has taken off so well is because of the usefulness it has in so many different industries. And healthcare just happens to be one of the sectors that it is especially important for.

Blockchain technology is also extremely important for people who are healthcare practitioners and people who are looking to improve the pharmaceutical companies as well.

And as for Tonestra, the company is looking to be an alternate source for anyone who is in need of pharmaceutical drugs or related needs. Healthcare agencies of completely natures are also said to benefit from the platform. They claim that the entire health industry will gain a lot of support because of Tonestra.

From what I have seen though, the company website is poorly put together. They use every conceivable label of care type within the industry. It’s almost like a form of keyword stuffing that websites used to use to bring more traffic to their website because their websites ranked hire.

In reality, I don’t trust anything I read in the description of the company on the site. It’s a big blocky bunch of words that is hard to understand and poorly put together.

Yeah, it’s true – more research into disease will help with the treatment of cancer, aids and other communicable diseases, it’s not an innovative idea by any means. They say that figuring out how to research these illnesses and store data on them, is beneficial for humanity. That’s entirely true, but they’re not telling us anything about what the project is actually doing. It’s a vague, ambiguous and non-descriptive website that needs a lot of work.

About Tonestra ICO

There’s no clear information on the website. The ICO, if there is one isn’t presented in any type of understandable way. It’s a fairly shoddy looking website that I would never give any money too. They definitely list a unreal number of diseases that the platform is looking to help. But there is no information in reality about how they’re going to benefit the people suffering. They just use words and phrases like, “this will prove extremely useful in the advancement of research and development of knowledge in such gene diseases as cancer occur.”

It all sounds great, but just from looking at the website – it’s set up entirely wrong. Anyone who has ever been in the business of marketing, sales or web development knows – never place such big blocks of text like they do, unless you want to confuse people and have a non-converting website.

Who Is Behind Tonestra?

At this time, I have no idea who is running the website. There is no disclosure on who is running the team or who is on the team to begin with. Lastly, they divulge zero pieces of info on where the company headquarters are located. And until that happens, this is a highly dangerous company to invest with.

Tonestra In Conclusion

From every standpoint, I have to say no to Tonestra. There website is miniscule, with bad language patterns and very repetitive. They use writing styles, including formatting that is well known to be inefficient. Go ahead and read more about the company at, but be careful before you invest any large amount of money with them.

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