Toorcoin Review

Toorcoin is a new cryptocurrency devised to be used by tourists all over the world. The goal of this company is to be the number one coin for travel, so it can solve most of the issues that people can have while solving a holiday.

This token was created specially as a way to terminate the inefficiencies that you might have while travelling and having to book locations that fit into your budget and the duration of your stay. By having almost instant transactions and you do not needing to use fiat currencies, Toorcoin can be extremely useful for tourists.

Toorister, a platform that was created to use Toorcoin, is a travel website in which you can find the journey of your dreams. It has plenty of options for you to find the perfect place to spend your vacations in.

How Does Toorcoin Work?

Toorcoin is an ERC20 utility token with a token supply of 13.5 million tokens. The coins will be staked and can reach a maximum supply of 1000 million tokens. Staking will be vital to the platform and that is why the users will need to stake the tokens in their wallets to receive rewards for this.

The company still has a token distribution scheduled for June 2018 and a giveaway contest for the third quarter of the year. The Toorister platform will be launched in the last quarter of the year. The Toorister platform will still receive updates during the year.

toorcoin homepage

The Toorcoin Bounty Program

Unlike most companies, Toorcoin will not have its own Initial Coin Offering. Instead, the company will offer other ways that you can use to get tokens from the company and profit. The main way is the bounties.

If you help the campaign of Toorcoin, you will be able to get tokens from the company. The campaign is currently live on Bounty0x. The actions that you can take to participate are marketing and social media campaign and even content creations like memes related to Toorcoin. Every different type of action has a different reward and the most complex ones will reward better the people who made them.

You can also get bounties for joining the Telegram group of the company and for referrals if you want to invite other users to the platform.

Remember that you can also earn tokens by staking them, so you can participate in the bounties to get your first tokens and use them in staking mode to get more of them.

The Toorcoin Conclusion

It looks like Toorcoin is an interesting company, although not really a very unique one. The most unique point is that it will not have an ICO. This can be positive because it will make the company more decentralized, but also it means that you do not get such a good deal for investing in this company.

The Toorister platform can also be of interest to you if you travel a lot, but if you don’t, you should just stick to staking tokens for money.

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