Top 10 Cryptocurrency Token Portfolio Managers All Smart Bitcoin Investors Use

Anybody who has dabbled in the world of crypto knows how painful the process of tracking one’s investment profile can be. Not only is the process time consuming, but as your portfolio becomes larger, it becomes increasingly more complex to keep track of one’s holdings.

This is where crypto trackers come in handy. These dedicated applications are designed to monitor the performance of our assets from one place. In this article, we will look at some of the best portfolio trackers that you can avail of today. So without any further ado, let's get on with the list.

Top 10 Cryptocurrency Token Portfolio Managers


To start off our list, we have one of the most popular crypto trackers available in the market today. Delta is a “mobile only app” that offers customers with a highly intuitive UI that eliminates elements of unwanted complexity— thus making it easy to use for novice customers.

However, with that being said, owing to its simplistic design, Delta does forego some important features such as order book tracking and volume indicators.

Another point worth noting in relation to this app is its fast performance and smoothness. Not only that, Delta also provides users with the ability to track multiple portfolios at the same time.

What Sets Delta Apart From The Rest?

As mentioned earlier, the primary advantage of Delta when compared to its rivals is its simplistic outlay. In addition to this, it also offers customers with a plethora of ways in which to customize their coin-tracking tool.

Other core aspects of Delta worth noting include:

  • Speed and Efficiency: While other portfolio trackers may provide you with certain niche’ features, Delta more than makes up for any such shortcoming by delivering customers with amazing speed in terms of sourcing new coin listings, price updates, spotting data inaccuracies etc.
  • Precise Asset Prices: Another facet of the Delta app that really makes it stand out is its ability to reflect coin prices in real time. This is an especially important feature for those people who are into day trading.
  • Multiple Portfolio Management: As mentioned briefly earlier, Delta allows users to track multiple portfolios at the same time. As a result of this, users can keep a track of their business holdings as well as long-term assets in a highly organized fashion.
  • The Wishlist: This is another one of Delta’s core features. It is a module that has been designed to allow investors to track their coins without going into market specifics.


One of the most popular cryptocurrency tracking utilities in the market today, Blockfolio has been the go-to portfolio management app for a lot of investors since the start of the crypto boom. In terms of its functionality and overall usability, Blockfolio can be used on both Android as well as Apple devices. Not only that, the app comes loaded with a plethora of coin tracking options — data for whom is derived directly from multiple exchanges.

In terms of its features, Blockfolio comes packed with a lot of intangibles such as a notification meter that allows users to set price alerts for any coin that they might want to follow closely. In addition to all this, Blockfolio also features one of the most user friendly interfaces in the market today which integrates a useful news feed that can help you stay up to date with the crypto market.

Why Choose Blockfolio?

One of the most important aspects of Blockfolio is that it has been in the market for what seems like forever. As a result of this, the app and all of its individual modules have been tested quite thoroughly. This reduces/ negates the chances of any bugs or malicious code seeping into the app framework (thus allowing for a highly stable browsing experience).

Other Core Aspects of Blockfolio Worth Considering:

  • Real-Time Price Notifications: Perhaps one of the the greatest advantages of this app is its highly efficient notification system. Since a very small number of crypto exchanges offer stop limit orders, investors are quite often left at the mercy of the volatility being experienced by the market on any given day. However, with the Blockfolio price notifications feature, users can receive real-time alerts as and when any substantial changes to the price of any cryptocurrency occurs.
  • News Updates: Another core aspect of Blockfolio is its news section which covers all of the latest happenings within the world of crypto in a highly detailed yet unbiased fashion.
  • Customization: Last but not least, Blockfolio offers customers with some amazing levels of customization. For example, you can easily add passcodes, share screenshots or moduly the UI as per your liking with the touch of a button.


While still quite new in today’s market, Altpocket has already made quite a mark for itself. Not only does the app feature a fully functional portfolio tracker, but it also allows for full-fledged social media support. As a result of this, Altpocket is able to allow investors to connect with one another and thus share important tips and tricks.

In addition to all this, Altpocket also allows users to share their portfolios as well as allows them to automatically import data from leading exchanges like Coinbase, Bittrex or Poloniex.

Why Should I Choose Altpocket?

First and foremost, Altpocket’s social media aspect is quite handy since it works soo well. In addition to helping users stay abreast with the latest in the world of crypto, it also gives quality insight into how top traders navigate the market.

Other Core Aspects of Altpocket to Bear in Mind:

  • Usability: Altpocket allows customers to seamlessly integrate their cryptocurrency profiles from leading exchanges like Coinbase with the app. This approach has many advantages with the core one being that one does not have to make manual entries every time a transaction is processed.
  • Attractive UI: While the app does not have any groundbreaking features, it’s overall UI is quite easy to navigate as well as super efficient.
  • ICO Advice: One of the most important aspects of Altpocket is its ICO section wherein the app tells users about the financial potential of various Initial Coin Offerings.


This is one of the newer portfolio trackers in town. However, don't let its nascency lead you into believing that it’s features are anything less than those being offered by apps like Blockfolio.

While Altpocket and some other profile trackers allow data integration from a select few crypto exchanges, CoinTracker allows users to integrate their altcoin data from a total of 14 different exchange platforms. If that wasn't enough, Altpocket is also compatible with a variety of different crypto wallets— thus making tracking a piece of cake when using the app.

Lastly, it is also worth noting that CoinTracker was recently able to raise a whopping $1.5 Million during its initial seed funding phase.

Why Choose This App?

While this answer may sound repetitive, the core attraction of CoinTracker is the way it has been designed. Owing to its simplicity and overall ease of use, this app really stands out, especially when compared to trackers which come loaded with unwarranted features that unnecessarily clutter up the screen and take away from the user’s overall market experience.

Other Key Facets to Bear in Mind:

  • Amazing Compatibility: CoinTracker has the ability to import user data from a plethora of major exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, Kraken. In addition to this, it also allows customers to import their altcoin profiles stored within ‘third-party’ crypto wallets as well.
  • Safety: The app has been designed to closely track a customer’s public keys, thereby ensuring that one’s private information is never compromised.
  • Attention to Detail: CoinTracker can automatically keep a tab on each and every transaction made from its supported wallets and exchange accounts, thus effectively eliminating the need for manual accounting.
  • Automated Sync: This feature allows users to receive highly accurate and up-to-date statistics on their investments, returns, asset performance etc.
  • Automated Tax-Returns: Another killer aspect of CoinTracker is its ability to file for crypto oriented tax returns on the users behalf. As many may remember, previously, individuals and businesses had to make a record of each and every transaction to ensure tax compliance. However, with CoinTracker, a pre-populated IRS form can be generated for as little as $29.

Ethos Watchfolio

Released into the market a few months back (July), what really sets Ethos Universal wallet apart from other crypto storage solutions is its “Watchfolio” feature. With this feature, users cannot only use the app as a wallet but also as a portfolio tracker.

In terms of its overall usability, Ethos lets customers add any cryptocurrency to their account with ease as well as allows them to track their holdings (even if the assets are stored in a hardware wallet somewhere else)

Why Choose Ethos?

One of the primary benefits of using Ethos Watchfolio over a standalone tracking app is that it not only allows users to save on memory but also allows customers to store all their altcoin holdings in one single place. It is also worth mentioning that the Ethos universal wallet stores more cryptocurrencies than any other wallet solution out there.

Other Key Facets of The Wallet:

  • Future Fiat Compatibility: The Ethos team has mentioned that in the near future, their app will provide customers with full fiat support— thus allowing users to seamlessly integrate their bank accounts with the app to buy and sell crypto in real-time.
  • Price Tracker: Another key facet of Watchfolio is its ability to track alt-coin price changes based on one’s point of entry.
  • Wishlist: Before deciding to invest in a new coin, users can make use of the ‘wishlist feature’ so as to keep an eye on the performance of any currency they would like to invest in.


For those familiar with the world of digital assets, the name Cryptopanic will definitely ring a bell. This news aggregator also doubles up as a portfolio tracker thus allowing users to obtain two useful services in one package. One of the core reasons for Cryptopanic being so popular is its simple and efficient interface that provides customers with news in a highly simplified fashion.

Additionally, Cryptopanic is quite a dynamic website and can be used on a PC as well as a smartphone with equal ease.

What Are The Prime Advantages Of Cryptopanic?

The most striking feature of Cryptopanic is that the app is completely web-based. Additionally, its interface is quite navigable and comes integrated with a wide array of social media feeds.

Other Important Facets of the App include:

  • Multi Currency Support: When using the website’s extended view mode, Cryptopanic is able to display the price of several altcoins such as USD, ETH, and BTC simultaneously.
  • Speed: Since Cryptopanic is not designed as a standalone app, it does not suffer from issues related to RAM exertion, memory loss etc.
  • News: As mentioned previously, one of the biggest draws of this app is its accompanying news section. It provides users with up to date information regarding all of the latest crypto developments taking place across the world.


Straight off the bat, Cryptagon offers customers with a wide selection of features including automatic integration with nearly all of today’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges. If that wasn't enough, the app also supports more than 2,000 crypto coins— which is a feat unto itself.

Likewise, another core selling point of Cryptagon is it's easy to navigate/customizable user interface. It also features sub-portfolios, modifiable groups, real time notifications as well as other useful modules that can help customers cover all of their crypto-related needs and requirements.

What Makes Cryptagon Stand Out?

  • Visual Aids: Through the use of visually appealing charts and graphs, Cryptagon is able to pack a variety of information into a single screen.
  • Customization: As mentioned earlier briefly, this app allows users to create sub-portfolios for their investments— thereby allowing customers to group their holdings using different metric standards.
  • Compatibility: Since Cryptagon supports nearly all of today’s major online wallets , it can automatically keep tabs on our trades and give us an immediate overview of our profits and returns.
  • Alert System: As with many high-quality portfolio trackers, Cryptagon too comes loaded with a robust alert system that notifies users about any major price changes in their portfolio.


One of the oldest crypto trackers available in the market today, in its current iteration, Cointracking supports over 5500 currencies, 44 crypto exchanges, and 7 wallets. If this doesn't sound good enough, the Cointracking app also comes packed with a plethora of unique features such as:

  • Automatic data imports
  • Auto-generated tax reports

    While some of the core elements of this app might not be suited for novice crypto traders, there is no other app in the market that offers so many features when compared to Cointracking.

    Due to its multitude of features, the app has a huge fan base all across the globe. When last checked, the number of registered users currently making use of Cointracking stood at a monumental 300,000. Lastly, in terms of its overall usability, this crypto tracker comes as a web based service as well as a mobile app (delivering a seamless experience on both these devices).

    Standout Features:

  • Free: Apart from a select few advanced trading features, the core services on offer here are completely free of charge.
  • Trade Reports: Cointracking has been designed to compile all your investment information into a single, comprehensive file that comes replete with a host of relevant charts.
  • Wallet Imports: The app supports a multitude of hardware wallets such as Trezor as well as other online wallets.
  • Auto Tax Reports: Cointracking can aggregate a customer’s financial data to generate complete tax reports in a hassle free manner.
  • Multi-Language Support: The app is highly useful for non-English speakers especially since it supports a variety of different languages such as Portuguese, Spanish, Korean etc.


Unlike the various other crypto portfolio trackers that have been discussed in this article so far, Bitscreener is a bit different — especially since it serves as more of a crypto search engine than a standalone tracker.

While not extremely efficient as a portfolio tracker, Bitscreener’s strength lies in its ability to deliver highly accurate and up-to-date data regarding the movements of the digital asset market at large. Similarly, Bitscreener also pieces and presents all of its data in a highly simple and easy to understand manner (chart galleries, screening tools etc) .

What are the Advantages that BitScreener Offers?

  • Reliable Market Information: Instead of having to go through numerous crypto exchanges,customers can find all of the relevant information they need about the crypto market through Bitscreener.
  • Advanced Features: The app makes use of a many popular price analysis indicators such as Simple Moving Average, Relative Strength Index, and Bollinger Bands, so as to provide users with accurate predictions and price trends.
  • Market Heat Map: as the name suggests, this feature lets investors know about the price movement and market cap size of different cryptocurrencies in a highly streamlined fashion.
  • Screening Functionality: Last but not least, BitScreener’s filter tool allows customers to browse and sift through more than 100 different digital coins (based on a host of unique criteria such as price, volume, age)

Google Docs

The final entry on our list is Google Docs. While one may not think of this office suite as an efficient crypto tracking tool, the reality is that Google Docs comes packed with a number of features (such as the IMPORTXML function) which allow it procure real-time price updates from respected crypto data providers like Coinmarketcap.

Not only that, Google Docs is completely free to use and offers endless customization offers (as long as people know their way around the service).

The Primary Advantages of Using Google Docs include:

  • Color Coding: If required, the app is able to make use of a color-coded price system that is also able to illustrate a variety of detailed charts to its customers.
  • Offline Usability: While all of the other options on our list can only be used ‘online exclusively’, Google Docs allows for offline usability as well.
  • Highly Customizable: Owing to the fact that Google offers its users with such a high degree of financial flexibility,many people have already created their own versions of a crypto portfolio tracker in Google Sheets and put it up for anyone to copy.

Top 10 Cryptocurrency Portfolio Managers Conclusion

While all of the above options have their own relative shortcomings, in this article we have tried to explain (in the easiest manner possible) the best crypto tracking services that you can avail of today to sort our your finances.

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