Top 10 Methods To Earn Cryptocurrency In 2019: How To Make Bitcoin, Ethereum And Litecoin Profits

10 Easiest Ways To Earn Cryptocurrencies

Despite their massive losses in 2018, cryptocurrencies are now more popular than ever. The hype of 2017 has started a long-lasting trend of increased exposure to digital coins, which has continued ever since. With new investors and traders constantly entering the space, many are becoming interested in the easiest way to earn crypto and enter the world of coins in different, intriguing ways.

While some of the methods we're about to share with you will not provide you with huge returns, they are still quick and easy methods of entering the crypto space. You can choose one or more of them, and control the pace at which you will interact with digital currencies. It is also important to note that different methods require different amounts of work, knowledge, or skill.

It should also be noted that earning crypto is not an easy way to get to money; it is merely an alternative to it. With that being said, let's see what the 10 methods of earning crypto are, and what do you have to do in order to start.

1. Paid-To-Click sites

The name of this method pretty much says it all, and this way revolves around receiving payments for watching ads on certain websites. Some of them only require you to visit certain websites and receive payment in small amounts of crypto in exchange for views. This is becoming increasingly popular as it doesn't require much work or extensive amounts of knowledge. It serves merely as a way of increasing exposure to these websites and companies that pay for advertising.

You should also not expect huge payments if you decide to start earning cryptocurrencies this way, and the best you can hope for is a few dollars per day. Another downside to this method is that the initial excitement dies down very quickly, and you just end up clicking all the time.

2. Crypto faucets

In a not-so-distant past, when cryptocurrencies only started to appear, many started using Bitcoin faucets in order to raise awareness of cryptocurrencies. Simply put, those who were already investing in them provided others with small amounts to get them interested. The practice still exists today, although the amounts that you can earn are very small right now. Most of the time, it all comes down to clicking on ads and filling up surveys. Similarly to the first method, the amount of money per day likely won't exceed a few dollars.

3. Micro jobs

As the name suggests, these would include quick and easy jobs where you receive payments in crypto after completing them. It is a very simple method. However, many consider it to be one of the worst ones, due to very low payments while they remain time-consuming.

The type of jobs can include anything from plug-in testing, rewriting texts or posts, and alike. This method can still be better than the first two, although it requires time and a certain amount of focus, depending on the job.

4. Crypto writing

This method will require some research, and gathering knowledge regarding digital currencies, blockchain technology, current trends, and similar things. However, those who have this knowledge, or can afford to dedicate some time to obtain it, can receive payments in order to write about the crypto and blockchain industries. There is not an easy way to determine the exact, or even approximate amount that you can earn by doing this, at it depends on several aspects, such as your writing skill, and the agreement you can get to with your employer.

However, if you are enthusiastic about the industry, and you have solid writing skills, you can easily make it work. As you gather more knowledge, your writing will become better, and you will be able to get better payments.

It is an interesting method of earning crypto while learning about it, and crypto discussions, speculation, news, blogs, etc. are very popular these days. It should be noted that there is no way to cheat your way through this, and you will have to provide good content in order to ask for a decent payment. However, it is also a learning experience which can allow you to make as much as $100 for a 1,000-word text if you get a good deal.

5. Signature Campaigns On BitcoinTalk Forum

As BitcoinTalk forum members already know, it is possible to get crypto payments as part of Signature campaigns. Simply put, writers get payments for simply posting on the forum, and the amount you'll receive depends on the membership level.

Obviously, the most experienced members get higher pays, while less experienced ones earn lesser amounts. To participate, users need to be full members of the forum, and it is possible that campaigns might demand some more specific requirements. This may include anything, like the no-ads rule or reaching a specific word count. Some campaigns require that users write a specific number of posts per week, and alike.

As mentioned, the amount earned can be influenced by several factors, with the number of running campaigns, post quality, and alike, being the most influential. A good post in certain campaigns may earn you as much as $70, while others may only pay a single $1.

Some companies can also offer an extra payment if the writer is willing to post on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, or even for making YouTube videos. Payments for this can vary greatly, and they often depend on the number of followers.

6. Affiliate Marketing

Writing about cryptocurrencies can have numerous applications, and one of them is to start your own site, or blog. Successfully growing a blog through good posts and social media activity can quickly start generating income, if done right. This what leads to affiliate marketing method of making a profit, where you can get fixed payments, or those depending on percentage, for doing nothing more than simply redirecting your audience to other sites.

It should be noted that it might take months, or even years to create a blog or a website with large enough audience in order to start getting large payments, but, if the quality of your posts doesn't drop, this method can be more than a decent investment into your future.

7. Providing Crypto-Related Services

While writing can be more than a decent way to get into crypto, having experience on the technical side can provide you with pretty much unlimited opportunities. The crypto and blockchain industries are growing, fast. New startups are appearing nearly every day, and the technology is still in development. Because of this, anyone with any tech-related knowledge can find work, whether you are a web designer, a programmer, or anything else of this kind. The most needed skills in the crypto space now include tech, marketing, and business knowledge, and depending on the project's size, your role in it, and support it gets, you can probably receive a long-term position with large, fixed payments.

8. Crypto Lending

As cryptocurrencies gained more popularity and usage, a new concept of crypto lending emerged. The process can provide you with decent rewards, although it should be noted that it is also very risky. It works through blockchain projects which are designed to provide escrow services; however, there is no guarantee of repayment. Your role in this would be to be the lender on these websites.

The process is easy to understand from where – you get to set your interest rate, and you lend your crypto to interested parties. Due to the fact that the crypto market is still in serious lack of regulations, you can choose higher interest rates than normal, which can lead to high returns. However, the lack of regulations has a negative consequence as well, and it might happen that your customer refuses to repay the loan. Furthermore, volatility is still quite high, so determining the exact amount regarding interest can be quite complicated.

9. Crypto mining

Crypto mining is already a well-known process of obtaining new coins, and it is unlikely that anyone who has gotten this far into crypto research has not yet heard about it. To describe it simply, crypto miners use advanced computers and significant amounts of resources such as electricity to solve complex blockchain equations. By doing so, they are validating transactions made on that blockchain, and they receive crypto payments as a reward.

Crypto payments can vary depending on the coin you are mining, as well as other aspects, such as your contribution to the process, and more. The amount you will receive in USD also depends on the coin's price, and while this can be quite profitable at times, if the prices are low, your reward might not even be able to cover the electricity bill. This has been one of the recent problems, which is why a lot of miners decided to abandon the crypto mining industry. However, experts claim that the situation will change at some point, and when it does, mining might become quite a profitable way to get coins once more.

10. Crypto Trading

Finally, we come to crypto trading, which might be the most complex way of getting coins, as it requires understanding the market, knowing how to use specific pieces of trading software, having good timing, as well as making good trading decisions. Obviously, the process of crypto trading is extremely popular, and it is by far the most profitable one if you know what to do and how to do it.

The first thing to do is to get a certain amount of Bitcoin, which you can either buy via exchanges or earn through one of the previously described methods. After doing this, you have several options, which include day trading, trading bots, binary options, and contracts for difference.

Day trading is one of the most popular ways of trading, but it requires knowledge about crypto, as well as patience. A lot of it depends on research and simply having the right information at the right time, and it may be the riskiest of the trading methods.

When it comes to trading bots, they are an automated method that works pretty well, and it allows users to optimize a piece of trading software in a way that will allow it to make the best decisions regarding the current market conditions. Those who have technical knowledge are advised to code their own bots, as using those of other people may come with unpredictable results.

Contracts for difference are special contracts in which traders can trade against different CFD-offering brokers. Basically, the trader never actually owns cryptocurrencies, but they can still generate profits. Not owning crypto can be a good thing, as well as a bad thing, which is why the decision whether or not to use this trading tool should be made with caution.

Finally, we have binary options, which were a relatively recent creation. The method is simple, and it can result in only two outcomes – profit or loss of the entire investment. If traders are correct in their decision, they can see the returns as high as 300%, but if they are wrong, they will not get anything of their initial investment back. Because of this, traders are advised to only invest what they can afford to lose, which is a good rule no matter what trading method they choose to practice.

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