Top 2018 Up And Coming Blockchain Cryptocurrency Companies

Cryptocurrency Market Overview

Over the past year digital currency trading has done well with record values for both Bitcoin and Ethereum being achieved. Everyday new blockchains and cryptocurrencies are developed through initial coin offerings and token sales leading to a larger digital currency field than many people ever imagined.

It is anticipated that token sales will become more common during 2018 than in previous years shifting the cryptocurrency market away from centralized platforms of the past in a more decentralized nature. The potential uses of blockchain technology is just starting to be seen by businesses in a wide range of sectors.

Up And Coming Blockchain Cryptocurrency Companies To Watch

Companies in a huge range of fields from healthcare to banking are turning to blockchain technology as a way to expand and offer more innovative services for clients throughout the world. In the age of internet, the world is becoming smaller and country borders seem irrelevant in most business related transactions making the need for decentralized platforms crucial for growth and development. There are many interesting developments coming this year in regards to blockchain use.

Banking And Credit Industry:

Bloom is a newly founded company dedicated to offering offers universal credit scores and identification services to people throughout the world. There services aim to help people who normally do not have access credit all without using a traditional financial institution making it easier to avoid restraints put in place by governments.


Crypto Specialist LLC works on many innovative projects involving digital currency. Perhaps one of the most innovative and exciting projects they are working with is a blockchain technology that aims to offer free services in the fields of telemedicine and education for refugees.

Another giant in healthcare worldwide is a company called Docademic. This company developed an app offering patients in twenty different countries access to free healthcare around the clock. Seeing the potential in blockchain technology the company’s founder is now working to put patient data on a blockchain making access throughout the world easier and decentralized.

New Crypto Technologies:

Atomic Inc. is a peer to peer marketplace offering users a way to swap cryptocurrencies using a hardware wallet making transactions extremely fast and secure. As blockchains evolve, Atomic Inc. is ready to provide their users an innovative way to share currency with their friends and colleagues.

Another interesting company is FansUnite, which is using blockchain technology to better handle the security and transparency needs of online sports betting.

Additionally companies are using blockchain technology to improve digital marketing especially regarding social media, reward shoppers who shop frequently with certain retailers, and improve payouts in online gaming communities. There are many exciting developments for investors to watch and get involved in this year through ICOs and token sales.

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