Before there was crypto, there was artificial intelligence. And while artificial intelligence wasn’t even a subject of mainstream media, there were entire communities, industries and sectors dedicated to it.

But with the rise of cryptocurrency and the possible combinations with artificial intelligence, AI has grown in popularity, entering mainstream media and becoming a subject of discussion among laymen and common folk.

This is not surprising seeing as there are a ton of projects and entire companies dedicated to making artificial intelligence a part of our daily lives and existence.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain are also helping to accelerate the growth of AI by creating and launching AI based cryptocurrency projects.

Because it has become a buzzword and grown in popularity, and people don’t want to miss out on the next Google or Apple, many projects have sprung up claiming AI perks and functionalities.

As a result, it can be difficult for the neophyte to differentiate the real projects with serious potential from the flukes and scams. In this article, we will outline those ventures we have found to be proven, real AI based cryptocurrency projects, so you can get in on the ground floor if possible.

Please note that this list is in no particular order, so you have to read to the end to find that which appeals to you.



A cryptocurrency platform that’s purportedly based on using the combined power of blockchain and artificial intelligence to create wealth for its members, this Singapore based platform has great potential.

The technology is deployed towards trading and investing, and designed in such a way that profitable trades are approved by members.

The artificial intelligence part of the platform helps investors make money by identifying unique profitable patterns that’s not evident to other traders, and execute trades based on those patterns.

Investors have to buy tokens to participate. But, once you’re an investor, you can vote in favor of a trade that you like using the embedded smart contract technology.

The company behind AICoin is particularly focused on generating short and long term profits for its investors –this is where the trading and profits come in.

The trading guarantees short term profits, while the reinvestment of profits and increase in token price guarantees long term profits.

There’s nothing but rave reviews for this project, with some investors claiming they’ve seen 100 percent returns on investment between September 2017 and June 2018.

This is not surprising seeing as the management team consists of experienced, transparent, ethical and honest professionals. Their commitment to integrity and profits for their investors is unparalleled.

In fact, many investors say they intend to stay with AICoin for a long time while others have made the cryptocurrency a major part of their crypto portfolio.

Future directions are frequently sought by the management team from investors, making it one of the most democratic cryptos there is. That, combined with its incredible stability –when compared to other tokens- makes it an excellent altcoin to invest in.



Described as a revolutionary saving platform, this project is geared towards encouraging savings among individuals. Peculium does this by integrating traditional savings with cryptos.

Of course, this is driven by artificial intelligence that’s designed to bridge the gap between conventional savings and cryptos with the aim of helping regular folk, traders, professionals, and brokers, with the possibility of reinvesting their savings in viable cryptocurrency projects.

Peculium platform recently attracted $8.1 million in funding and looks promising. The management team consists of forty highly qualified and skilled traders and software developers dedicated to consistently improving the platform.



If you’ve heard of Sophia the robot, chances are you’d have heard of this blockchain project.

Singularity is a decentralized protocol designed to serve as a platform for the creating and monetization of AI projects and products, this project runs courtesy of a network of artificial intelligence algorithms from all over the world.

The platform is an open one, so anyone who can build AI projects can use the platform. This is an excellent blockchain based project run by team members whose breath of expertise includes blockchain technology, AI, and machine learning.

SingularityNET played a huge role in the Sophia robot project, including “her” hearing, empathy and sight modules.

Crypto Angel

Crypto Angel Review

Imagine an AI powered virtual assistant that can predict your intentions and then go on to map a possible future from that intention. Whether that’s creepy or innovative, time will tell.

But for now, the developers behind Crypto Angel hopes that it’ll be able to read your intentions and that of millions of other users, in the hopes that the information can be used in predicting possible future outcomes and scenarios.

The company calls it an “independent future consultant in uncertain, unknowable and unpredictable future time frames.”.

The platform hopes to do this by distilling information from tons of personal mindset data files, running all that data through the algorithm using AI and coming up with possible solutions or predictions about future events.

For instance, if you want to achieve a certain goal, you can simply enter that intention into the app, and it will come up with strategies and ways you can go about achieving that goal, as well as possible outcomes of achieving that goal.


For many people, online dating is as much a part of our lives as work and food. In fact, many busy professionals don’t have the time to meet people offline and date. As a result, many take to online dating sites to see if they can find soulmates or even friends with benefits.

From Match.com to Grindr, there’s an app for every form of relationship you desire. While they provide a sorely needed service, they all have one downside: all of them require verification.

This means you would have to upload your personal information to their database before they can approve of your membership. Most users don’t like it, but they don’t have a choice.

The good news is that with Datecoin, this will be a thing of the past. Datecoin eliminates the need for verification thanks to its neural networks and AI.

Currently working with Denim, the dating service, Datecoin is a very promising project and has incredible potentials owing to its use case.

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