Top 5 Blockchain Projects To Watch In Crypto Market For September 2018

The crypto industry hasn’t been as crazy in 2018 as it was in 2017. However, there are still plenty of exciting projects that are planning to make a big splash in September 2018.

5 Blockchain Projects To Watch For In September 2018

Today, with help from our friends at InvestInBlockchain, we’re highlighting some of the best cryptocurrency projects to watch in September 2018.

Swarm (SWM)

Swarm aims to revolutionize the modern investment space. Today, the space is filled with middlemen that raise costs and lower returns for ordinary retail investors. Plus, investors may be forced to tie up their funds for months or years at a time. Combined with restrictive legislation, the end result is that the best investment opportunities are often only available to the largest, most accredited investors.

With that in mind, Swarm aims to break down barriers between ordinary crypto traders and high-yield investments. To do that, Swarm gets rid of the middlemen and replaces them with a decentralized, democratic marketplace. In Swarm’s marketplace, security tokens represent real-world assets. The marketplace will feature everything from real estate to hedge funds. You can join with other crypto investors to follow a specific expert, then invest as much or as little as you would like based on the advice of that expert.

Another unique thing about Swarm is that it’s a non-profit organization. The goal is to provide products and services that push the crypto ecosystem forward. Swarm stans a real chance of democratizing the world of finance.

What Will Happen In September 2018?

What’s the next step for Swarm? Well, Swarm is four years old: the project was founded in 2014 by a group of experts in finance, investing, and technology. The platform officially launched in early 2018.

In August, Swarm made a big announcement: Robinhood was going to be tokenized on the Swarm platform. This would allow the public to access an exclusive investment opportunity when they would otherwise have to wait until Robinhood’s IPO. It’s the first example of Swarm successfully tokenizing the world’s private equity.

Around the same time, Swarm also released a tokenization solution called the Market Access Protocol. This could change the way security tokens comply with regulations and are traded on exchanges. Obviously, it’s illegal to trade security tokens in an unregulated environment, and security token marketplaces will need to comply with regulations if they want to remain compliant.

Finally, at the end of August, Swarm announced an agreement with OpenFinance Network to list security tokens on their platform, capping off a great month of news for the company.

InvestInBlockchain expects the good news to carry forward into September for Swarm:

“We’re expecting all of that progress to carry over into September and beyond with more developments in the works including strides towards better AI trading efficiencies and automating the administrative processes related to fund deployment. These factors, combined with Swarm’s well-established presence, could make the coming weeks a breakout point for the marketplace.”

Stellar (XLM)

Stellar is competing with Ripple to add mainstream financial institutions to the blockchain. With low fees, fast payment confirmations, and the ability to process thousands of transactions per second, Stellar is establishing itself as one of the best cryptocurrencies for payment processing.

Like Ripple, Stellar’s greatest asset to financial institutions could be in moving money between fiat and cryptocurrencies, avoiding the high fees and long transfer times of today’s ecosystem.

Stellar is also targeting foreign workers. Foreign workers suffer more from costly payment services than virtually any other group in the world today. By targeting these individuals, Stellar is tapping into a huge marketplace of people who can enjoy huge benefits from decentralized payment processing technology. Instead of using Western Union, these people could be using Stellar in the future.

What’s Going On With Stellar In September?

Earlier this year, Stellar announced a partnership with IBM, making one of the biggest deals of the company to date.

September will be a big month for Stellar’s continued development. Sometime during this month, Stellar Core will migrate to version 10.0.0, paving the way for significant improvements across the network. We’ll also see things like BumpSequence, which expands the functionality of Stellar’s smart contracts.

In conjunction with these development milestones, Stellar has recorded strong, continuous growth over the last year, rising from a little-known entity in 2017 to a network with over 1 million ledger-based accounts in August 2018.

Analysts argue that the one million accounts milestone is far more significant than an all-time high price fueled by hype. As accounts sign up for the Stellar network, the value continues to rise – regardless of what the current price of XLM is doing.

Here’s how InvestInBlockchain concludes their thoughts on Stellar:

“Combine all of that short-term progress and growth with the fundamentals that make Stellar an excellent long-term prospect, and there is simply an abundance of reasons to keep your eyes on Stellar in September and beyond.”

0x Project (ZRX)

0x is an open-source, permissionless protocol for exchanging Ethereum tokens – including ERC20 tokens. You can trustlessly transfer these tokens using independent relayers who get paid in ZRX tokens to facilitate transactions. Meanwhile, transactions between known counterparties can take place for free.

The 0x userbase has continued to grow over time, which is significant as we’re sitting in the middle of a bear market. It shows users have continued to show interest in 0x even as ERC20 token values plummet and trading activity shrinks.

Over the past year, ZRX has continued to climb the market cap rankings of the top Ethereum tokens. Today, it’s one of the largest and most popular tokens on the Ethereum network.

What’s The Next Step For 0x In September?

September is on track to be one of the biggest months in history for the 0x project. Later this month, developers are expected to launch 0x Protocol 2.0. The second version of the protocol will offer significant improvements over the first version, including improved security, customization, and ease of use.

Users are also excited about a redesigned smart contract architecture that makes it easier to integrate new Ethereum token standards. Today, 0x supports just the ERC20 token protocol. The second version of the protocol, however, will make it easier to add new token standards – like ERC721.

Ultimately, in the near future, we could see 0x become the preferred standard for swapping Ethereum tokens in a cheap and easy way. There are plenty of use cases for 0x, and the value of the protocol continues to grow.

Enigma (ENG)

Enigma is a privacy protocol that can be added to other blockchain projects. It’s not a standalone platform. Instead, it can add powerful privacy features to existing blockchains.

Privacy is becoming increasingly valuable in the online world. The internet is no longer the free, open place it once was. After getting rid of net neutrality, for example, American carriers have quietly begun throttling Netflix and YouTube. In China, a social credit system could turn the country into Black Mirror’s “Nosedive” episode. Crypto transactions are being monitored and crypto funds are being seized when they’re associated with criminal activity.

Privacy matters for all of these reasons. Enigma has the potential to make entire blockchain ecosystems more private than ever before. Enigma turns smart contracts into secret contracts, for example, and allows nodes to process data without actually viewing the content of that data.

Here’s how InvestInBlockchain explains the value of the Enigma protocol:

“Imagine if your internet service provider and all the apps on your phone worked the exact same way, but they couldn’t see your data. That’s the future that blockchain can create, and Enigma is here to usher the future in.”

What’s Going On With Enigma In September 2018?

September might be the biggest month in Enigma’s history. The Enigma mainnet is scheduled to go live by the end of the month, migrating ENG from the Ethereum network to its own Enigma mainnet.

Enigma’s use cases are also growing, and Enigma has been proposed as a solution for personal data, healthcare and genomics, credit, the internet of things, and others.

Another reason to watch Enigma in September 2018 is because it already supports an application called Catalyst. Catalyst demonstrates a working use case for Enigma long before the mainnet even launches.

Ultimately, Enigma is in an earlier stage of development than other companies listed on this page. However, September 2018 could be Enigma’s coming out party.

Lisk (LSK)

Lisk is a JavaScript platform where developers can create their own custom blockchains and decentralized applications.

That might sound a lot like Ethereum and other development environments. One of the advantages of Lisk, however, is that applications built on top of the List platform are deployed on fully customizable sidechains that allow developers to set the parameters they want for the specific needs of their project.

Another advantage of Lisk is that developers don’t need to learn an entirely new programming language to create blockchain platforms and decentralized apps. Instead of learning Solidity for Ethereum development, for example, developers can use the same JavaScript they’ve used for decades. This could make Lisk increasingly attractive to users as blockchain and cryptocurrencies go mainstream: developers will want to build on platforms where they feel most familiar.

What’s Going On with Lisk in September?

Lisk may have had the biggest month in its history in August. Early in the month, we saw the release of Lisk Elements v1.0.0, a JavaScript Code Library. By the end of the month, we also had new versions of Lisk Hub and Lisk Nano. Finally, the month was capped by the mainnet launch of Lisk Core 1.0, a platform that had been three years in the making.

Going forward, Lisk will continue to be seen as a developer-friendly blockchain due to its JavaScript support. That reputation will be enhanced with features in Lisk Core 1.0 like the ability for users to deploy their own nodes, access a better API, and enjoy several other improvements.

Despite all of this positive news, the price of LSK remains supressed.

As InvestInBlockchain explains:

“One can’t help but speculate that all of these upgrades would have coincided with a significant price spike for LSK if the crypto market conditions were more positive.”

Nevertheless, if you look beyond the current price of LSK you’ll see a developer-friendly environment that should become increasingly relevant as crypto goes mainstream over the coming years.

Top 5 Blockchain Projects To Watch Conclusion

September 2018 will see a number of major stories from across the blockchain and crypto space. We’ve highlighted just five of the biggest stories above. Check out InvestInBlockchain’s full write-up for more information on 0x, Enigma, Lisk, Stellar, and Swarm.

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