Top 5 Ethereum Blockchain dApps Ranked By Most Active Daily Users

Top 5 Ethereum Blockchain dApps

The following are the top five ethereum-based decentralized applications based on the total number of daily users. It is important to note that this data was collected at 11:30 pm on Wednesday, September 19, 2018.


IDEX is a decentralized exchange that also features real-time trading. Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts like it for its high-transaction throughput. In the last twenty-four hours (by the time this data was being pulled) the exchange had recorded more than one thousand, six hundred and thirty-four users.

Currently, it is ranked in the sixty-seventh position in terms of cryptocurrency asset exchange volumes. The exchange has more than three hundred and thirty-five markets, and its twenty-four-hour volume is close to two million dollars.


333ETH can best be described as a seedy looking decentralized ethereum-based application that features life-long payments. The payments are guaranteed through the Ethereum blockchain. In the last twenty-four hours, the application had more than one thousand and sixty-six users.

Please be advised that a red screen will pop up as soon as you try to access the website. The message on the screen states that the domain in use by 333ETH may compromise the security of your system. MetaMask will, therefore, try to prevent you from interacting with the website.

The reason for this warning is because the site has previously tested positive for phishing attempts. The last test was conducted by Ethereum Phishing Detector, and it still tested positive, hence the need to warn those trying to access it.

The warning is also provided for legitimate websites and malicious websites that may have at some point become compromised. There is, therefore, a need to make sure that your firewalls and antivirus components are up-to-date before attempting to read the contents contained therein.


ForkDelta is a decentralized ethereum token exchange. It also happens to be a fork of EtherDelta. In the last twenty-four hours when the data was being pulled, the exchange had received a total of seven hundred and fifteen users.

The exchange is currently placed in the ninety-ninth position in the cryptocurrency assets exchange volume. It has a total of two hundred and twenty-four markets and a market volume of forty-two thousand dollars. The twenty-four-hour market volume is much lower compared to that of the other exchanges discussed above.


CryptoKitties is a game based in Vancouver, which makes it possible for platform users to collect, as well as breed their own virtual cats. By the time the data was being pulled, the platform had received a total of four hundred and fifteen users in the last twenty-four hours.

CryptoKitties has received funding from some of the biggest cryptocurrency investors. They include Mark Pincus, Fred Ehrsam, Union Square Ventures, Naval Ravikant, and Andreessen Horowitz. It has also benefited from funding by non-fungible tokens. A while back, one of its digital tokens sold for 600ETH or $170,000.


Etheremon is a non-fungible token game that is based in Singapore. The game combines virtual reality and blockchain technology and received a total of three hundred and seventy-four visitors in the last twenty-four hours. The game has partnerships with numerous companies such as Toshi, Open Sea, and Kyber Network.

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