Top 5 Ethereum Debit Cards Review

In the modern 21th century, digital currency has become the next step in commerce; specifically, cryptocurrency. As the industry has expanded, the demand for the next step of debit cards applicable to tokens has increased. While Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), and DASH, etc., are all leading edge, Ethereum, in particular, has been the highest sought-after source for crypto card ownership.

In light of all the high demands of the crypto crowds, multitudes of companies are proposing their ICO (Initial Coin Offers) on a daily basis. The running goal for the ICO campaigns is touted as a type of fundraiser, although truth be told, the underlying purpose is to platform other projects in the process.

Top 5 Ethereum Debit Cards

In our previous article, we gave an overview of Bitcoin’s Debit Card; this round, we’re giving the scoop on the best Ethereum, DASH, and Litecoin debit cards for consumer consideration.

We’ll start with Ethereum since they’re at the top of the hot list. Why exactly? Apparently, Ethereum has had booming results for the fundraising platforms.

1. UQuid

The first card in question is Uquid, which is available in virtual and plastic debit card forms. Uquid is found to be the most desired amongst the coin cryptographer populous, as it features an ability to utilize over 80 various tenders, including popular ones such as Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Ripple, and Monero. The currency Uquid supports are available in three fiat forms, including USD, EUR, and GDP. Coins are spendable at market value instantly while transferring from a wallet, allowing for ease and convenience to the user.

In fact, Uquid has become such the highlight of the cryptocurrency world that it has been employed by frequent travelers and individuals with a non-banking association. The beauty of the card is it can be used for anything; retail, pharmacy, public transit, top mobile payments, and even utility bills.

Even Paypal and certain casinos and cafes are issuing Uquid cards as legalized tender. Pretty nifty… and it gets better. ATM machines are able to process Uquid in over 34 million countries, which allows hassle-free access from the debit card accessibility issue. As we said, it is well favored by international travelers.


Another highly sought-after cryptocurrency-savvy debit card is TENX. One of the primary reasons for its success is due to its versatility and rewards. A favored quality by most users, TENEX charges no transaction fees. An additional attractive feature is that cardholders earn 0.01% in cash back, and the platform offers a reward system.

In fact, TENX has made such an impact in the digital currency world that it has been featured in mainstream news sources such as the Huffington Post, Yahoo! Finance, International Business Times, and so on.

To give you an idea of the numbers, TENX’s fundraising managed to raise approximately 65 million through the crowdfunding. Not too shabby right? While TENX currently only allows for exchanging other company tokens, they will eventually support multiple forms of cryptocurrency, such as Ethers.

3. ShakePay

For those who prefer the more traditional debit-style card, Shakepay is streamlined and fairly simple to use. It supports payments through Bitcoin, Ethereum, and DASH. It functions much like a debit card, and users can send the supported token medium to an allocated address and the crypto coins are converted at a fiat rate.

Like most crypto cards, ShakePay card itself does have a $15 purchase cost and requires a $1 per month maintenance fee. Other charges you can expect are loading fees, which runs at 1% for Bitcoin and 3% for Ethereum and DASH.

4. Monaco

Much like other the other plastic crypto debits, Monaco offers conversion of currency for Bitcoin (BTE), Ethereum (ETC) and fiat market value and exchange on 17 other global networks.

Much like TENX and other competitors, card users are awarded up to 2% cash back from purchases. It has an app that can be paired with it which allows for the activation and deactivation of the card. There were rumored announcements regarding Monaco partnering with VISA to be included in their cache of card affiliates, but to date, no such partnership has taken place. Still yet, MONACO is reigning it 200 million at market value.

5. Token

In contrast to the other multi-level designed debit cards, Token cards operate off of blockchain technology, which segues for multiple currency management. Its strengths lie in its app features, in that a user can switch back and forth between legal global tenders such as USD, Euros or Pounds.

For user support, there is a customer service line linked to the app. The Token card also supports Ethereum transactions, which is the most sought-after standard crypto company.

Partnerships of Token include Bancor, Melon port, and Digix. The company also provides a platform ‘cash and burn’, or cash back for consumers. Furthermore, for those whose incentive lies in the ICO field, Token card features include accessing, exchanging, and receiving ICOs as well as crowd sales.

Overall, there is a variety of resources to choose from to satisfy your cryptocurrency debit card access whether you are backpacking in Thailand, embarking on a safari in the world of ICOs, or looking to continue to support the rise of digital currency through blockchains and crowd fundraisers.

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