Top 5 Medical Healthcare Blockchain Platforms Set To Disrupt Medicine

Blockchain is rapidly changing a lot of industries in a number of ways and the field of medicine hasn’t been left behind. Blockchain is providing a transparent and affordable way in which to store data.

Top 5 Medical Healthcare Blockchain Platforms

The following five health companies have incorporated blockchain into their systems:


Founded back in 2016 by Walter and Sam De Brouwer, Doc.AI is based in Palo-Alto and aims at making biological data easily controllable by consumers. The use of computer vision coupled with natural language processing enables the platform to provide clear insights in the field of medicine.

The idea behind this platform is to allow someone to collect data which is then stored on the blockchain and consequently used to join dots that can provide a predictive model. In this way, each person will have insights on the data that they will give their doctor.


The TrustedHealth platform is designed to utilize blockchain to treat deadly diseases. Through the platform, doctors and patients can communicate efficiently and access each other in an easy manner to provide a diagnosis.

In the medical field, there’s a lot of inefficiency and lack of speed when it comes to treatment. However, using blockchain, users can interact in a transparent manner from any part of the globe. Through the TrustedHealth platform, patients can receive consultations from qualified specialists around the globe using the THD token that gives them access to different health packages.


London-based MedicalChain is a blockchain platform that allows secure sharing of health records within the medical sphere. The platform also allows patients to have video sessions with doctors where they get a chance to consult on their medical situation.

Medicalchain raised $24 million in its ICO where it sold its ERC-20 MTN token. The company also has an app that provides nutritional advice to users. There are over 80 doctors on this platform specializing in different fields and has presented its project to WHO.


BlockPharma is based in France and utilizes blockchain to prevent counterfeiting of drugs around the world. The platform provides a transparent way of tracing drug sales that have been made online. It also has an app that helps keep records of where certain drugs were sold from and from which manufacturer.

Nebula Genomics

The platform aims at using blockchain technology to make DNA sequencing transparent and affordable. Genomic analysis is quite expensive but Nebula Genomics wants to change all that. People will use Nebula tokens to buy data from the platform.

5 Medical Healthcare Blockchain Platforms Conclusion

All the above platforms are an indication that blockchain is truly disrupting many industries and has a lot of potential.

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