Top 5 Altcoins with Massive Real-world Adoption Rates

Top 5 Altcoins with Massive Real-world Adoption Rates

Due to the large number of altcoins in the cryptocurrency market, prospective investors often find it hard to settle on a particular digital asset. Naturally, every investor has their own methods of assessing the potential of an altcoin. Nonetheless, the only standout mechanism for evaluating the potential of a digital asset is its real world adoption. Although this parameter is often neglected, its importance cannot be underestimated. This is because a coin’s use in the real-world is far much worthy than its underlying technology or functionalities.

Interestingly, a significant majority of smart contract platforms that are highly ranked are struggling to attract clients for the decentralized applications on their blockchain networks. For this reason, it essential to go for projects that have a high number of active users, since they are the ones that are likely to have high market capitalization value in the future.

Below are the 5 top altcoins that are gaining popularity among crypto investors:

XRP (XRP) – $0.528 – $21 Billion Market Capitalization Value

Despite the heavily contradiction opinions among crypto traders on XRP, the altcoin is one of the leading digital currencies in terms of adoption in the large-scale. This popularity is attributed to its Ripplenet platform, which has membership of over 100 institutional investors. Furthermore, the impending launch of the xRapid solution is expected to increase the adoption of this crypto token by a substantial margin.

XRP is ranked second on the AltDex top 100 cryptocurrencies index.

Steem (STEEM) -$0.8927 – $248 Million Market Capitalization Value

Steem is a block network that facilitates the monetization for content for creators. Also, the platform rewards it users for liking, commenting or sharing the content. As of now, it is the leading social network-driven cryptocurrency token. Moreover, the Steemit app has a client base made of 1,000,000 individuals, with the daily active usage averaging at 70,000 people. Soon, the Steem development team expects to introduce Smart Media Tokens which are based on the ERC20 protocol. These tokens will enable the network’s user to create and monetize online content easily.

STEEM is ranked 34th in the AltDex top 100 cryptocurrencies index.

Basic Attention Token (BAT) – $0.1763 – $176 Million Market Capitalization Value

The BAT Token is affiliated to the Brave Browser, a blockchain-driven web browser that intends to oust established applications such as Google Chrome. Recently, the browser reached the 10 million downloads milestone. The primary role of the BAT token is to act as an alternative form of payment for the advertisement revenues generated on the Brave Browser. By using the Brave app, users can up to $70 annually for normal internet browsing. In the future, Brave intends to monetize Twitter and Reddit posts by integrating a tipping feature to the popular social media platforms.

BAT is ranked 41st on the AltDex top 100 cryptocurrencies index.

Pundi X (NPXS) – $0.001491 – $170 Million Market Capitalization Value

Pundi X deals with the development of point-of-sale terminals that enable merchants to accept digital currency payments. The terminals are currently available in Singapore, Korea and Switzerland. The company is also working on the XPASS card, a digital currency-based debit card.

NPXS is ranked 42nd on the AltDex top 100 cryptocurrencies index.

Kin (KIN) – $0.000075 – $567 Million Market Capitalization Value

KIN is a product of the company behind the Kik messaging platform. Lately, the Kin platform has been receiving a large number of new users, even surpassing the Ethereum network. KIN is ranked 91st in the AltDex top 100 cryptocurrencies index.


Besides the altcoins mentioned above, there are several other cryptocurrency projects that are worth checking out. As most of the cryptos are constantly upgrading their infrastructure, it is worth keeping an eye on the markets to notice the ones that are attracting investors.

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