Which Binary Trading Platforms Should Investors Use for Bitcoin?

There are plenty of ways that the industry is adapting to help Bitcoin be used in a number of ways. Binary options are one of the most popular ways to link to the use of Bitcoin, but the lack of experience in the industry makes them a little risky for users. Here are a few of the companies that consumers may want to turn to when they are trying to find a good binary trading platform.


1XBit is still fairly unknown in the industry, and they only offer four tradable assets at the moment. There isn’t a demo account, but its been functioning for several years and hasn’t faltered in performance. One of the features that many users could find appealing is the availability of sportsbook services.


Avatrade is a platform that offers both options and binary trading, though they don’t actually allow users to directly pay with Bitcoin. However, instead of being specifically a binary trading platform, they are a provider of brokerage services, which is part of the reason that they are holding back until there’s Bitcoin regulations in place.


BinaryMate is another relatively unknown company, and they weren’t actually designed with the intention of getting involved in cryptocurrency. Still, it has evolved into having an infrastructure that easily accepts Bitcoin deposits, as the users can look through binary options, stocks, and indices.


BitMex is most popularly known as a cryptocurrency exchange but they actually allow users to participate in binary options and margin trading. As a crypto exchange, the project is actually having a relatively hard time, but the company has six tradable assets right now, and users can participate in take-profit limit orders.


Coinut offers binary options and futures contracts, using six tradable assets to let users participate. The user-friendly interface makes the whole process much easier for new investors. The platform offers 2FA security, which is important for any company that has ties to cryptocurrency nowadays.


If someone is an investor in cryptocurrency, they’ve probably heard of WhaleClub. This platform provides an opportunity for users to participate in binary options, forex, ladder options, and multiple other types of trading. The platform supports many different assets, and it is one of the safest platforms to perform transactions online.

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