Top 7 Crypto Exchanges To Buy Bitcoin With Euros (EUR) Fiat Currency

While it enjoys a crowded reputation, both in good and bad ways, they ways in which people can purchase Bitcoin remains small compared to its spectacular growth. It's not so much that the interest isn't there when it most certainly is, it's just that there are only a small number of platforms that offer Bitcoin in exchange for Euros.

Top 7 Crypto Exchanges To Buy Bitcoin With Euros

But of the number that are out there, here is a collection of exchanges that are more open-minded on the question of what currency they'll accept, including Euros in that list.

While compared to its more well known rivals, has become distinctive due to its easy to understand/use interface. One of the ways it's making a reputation is that is generally more open about the forms of fiat currency it will accept from its users, with Euros being one of them.

As an exchange, it doesn't have the same clout as its bigger adversaries, but is a must use platform for those starting out in the cryptocurrency world.


Bitanka is one of the more obscure names to go on this list, but Bitinka is a cryptocurrency coin exchange originating from South America. It primarily involves itself in the trading of Bitcoin and a handful of other profitable Alt-coins.

Along with accepting transactions in US dollars, Bitinka also accepts other fiats such as Euros while also being a great example of a platform for those new to trading.


Those who are well-versed in terms of cryptocurrency exchanges will be surprised that Cryptonex allows for the purchase of Bitcoin using fiat currencies, especially Euros. From a standpoint of interface and utility, it operates more like a hybrid between exchange and virtual broker, not that that's a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination.

The platform boasts an order book that users can visit, allowing them to make more informed choices on their investments.


On both its regular, and pro platforms, Coinbase, oddly, has accepted Euros for some time as a medium of payment for its listed cryptocurrencies. The recently added currency was, in fact, the Pound Sterling.

While being present in Europe, it's not the most popular one around, and only has limited exposure to the United States, but remains a popular exchange for those starting out in trading.


Bitfinex has primarily been associated with cryptocurrency trading in the US, making it synonymous with the US Dollar, contrary to that understanding, Bitfinex has built up its reputation in areas of the world like Europe, meaning that it accepts Euros from those looking to buy Bitcoin. It's an area that hasn't been noticed very often, but is gradually growing.


BitStamp is one of the larger cryptocurrency exchanges present in Europe, so it stands to reason that one of its accepted fiat currencies would be the Euro. While trading volume in the EU remains relatively low compared to other areas of the world, it's a market that's steadily growing.


While exchange users have a very mixed perception of Kraken, as an exchange it allows for an extensive amount of exposure to major and minor cryptocurrency tokens, with a good margin or parity between buy and sell prices for users. Along with this variety, it has a good number of Fiat/Crypto pairings which include the Euro.

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  1. Is it possible for an individual in Nigeria to buy/ trade coins on a USA / UK based exchange platform.? If so, any useful recommendations. Thanks.


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