Top 8 Bitcoin Mining Software Apps To Know About In Crypto Space

Bitcoin mining software help run and power bitcoin miners. These software 100 percent effective when they are used on Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC) machines, which are actually best for mining bitcoins.

While there are quite a few of them, we have identified the very best bitcoin mining software for 2018 and beyond. These software are designed to help your ASIC bitcoin miners run more efficiently, produce better output, and consume less power.

As with every computing device, the hardware and software complement each other’s functions, resulting in a smooth running device with optimal hash rate and power consumption.

Top 8 Bitcoin Mining Software Apps

That said, let’s examine the best bitcoin mining software for 2018 and beyond.


The foremost bitcoin mining software and first on the scene, CGMiner is the world’s pioneer bitcoin mining software. An improvement on the popular CPU Miner, it was initially designed to enhance the mining capabilities of graphics cards and GPUs.

But it has evolved into handling and running on the more recent ASIC and FGPA hardware. The major appeal is its usability on any Mac, Linux and Windows OS, making it a very dynamic cross platform bitcoin mining software.

Some of its functions include fan speed control, hardware chips frequency control, advanced new block detection, multiple mining device support, overclocking, mining device monitoring, and binary loading of kernels.

This powerful software is capable of scaling up to device hash rates and is excellent for both pool and solo bitcoin mining.


One of the more beginner friendly bitcoin mining software, BitMinter became available for use in 2011. Miners like it for its cross platform implementation, high payout, fair hash rates, and ease of use.

Its user friendly interface also makes it easy for beginners to understand how it works. Users will need to register with the BitMinter network in order to use the software. But, that’s a pretty straightforward process and doesn’t take any time.

However, unlike other software, this one is bound to the BitMinter mining pool. This is why it’s often called a bitcoin mining software as well as a mining pool. Some people don’t like that, others don’t mind. You’ll have to decide if you’re comfortable with that or not.

So, if you’re a newbie to bitcoin mining, you’ll find the BitMinter bitcoin mining software easy to use and a great place to start.


The BFGMiner is primarily just as dedicated to running on ASIC devices, the same as its predecessor, the CGMiner. It’s the reason most people choose either of those as the former is a fork of the latter.

But unlike CGMiner that’s limited to mining on only ASIC miners, BFGMiner is also capable of hashing on SHA256d and Scrypt based platforms. This is how it’s able to effectively mine other currencies apart from bitcoin too.

The software can be accessed remotely by the user and offers multiple features that help with the optimum mining of bitcoin and other cryptos. Similar to CGMiner, it also offers features such as monitoring, overclocking and fan speed control.

If you’re in doubt about it, we do recommend trying out both the BFGMiner and CGMiner, and then make a decision based on that.


MultiMiner is a primarily Microsoft based, user friendly bitcoin mining software for keeping track of multiple mining machines –although it also runs on Linux and Mac OS with the help of a few add-ons .

This is for miners with multiple ASIC hardware who want one interface to manage them all. As an upgrade of the BFGMiner, you’ll find it very smooth and seamless in its usage.

This miner can scan for multiple devices, gather the data necessary for running multiple miners, a “Pool” tab that helps with connecting to and managing multiple pools, and information on the possible income from mining.

It will also provide you with multiple mining strategies and tactics to help you maximize your profit. The only caveat is that the device asks that you dedicate just one percent of your mining time to the developer, as a means of keeping the project alive.

You can always refuse to give the one percent, but we feel it’s only fair to compensate the developer for their efforts at creating such a useful tool.


BTCMiner is for the more tech savvy miners with FPGA mining devices. It helps with preventing overheating, stale reduction, and conserves power through its power saving mode.

The machine is focused on getting the max profits possible by simply seeking out high hash rate frequencies, and selecting them for your mining. You can also run this without the need for Xilinx, thanks to its Bitstream technology.


One of the less popular bitcoin miner software, this GPU based app runs on the OpenCL framework. This makes it an incredible software for running multiple pools.

Because of efficiency, it also monitors pool drops and automatically switches to another pool if there’s a connection failure to one pool.

While this is great for pool mining, it can also be useful for solo mining. As powerful as DiabloMiner is, its downside is its difficult setup. It’s not user friendly and mostly favored by tech savvy miners.


If you have multiple ASIC units and GPU farms, the AwesomeMiner software will serve you well.

With this, users can remotely manage up to 5,000 ASIC/FGPA mining hardware, switch configurations to mine the most profitable crypto at any point in time, and has an option for running user’s custom scripts.

Because of its easy to use GUI, users can have it running on their PCs, cell phones and tablets, thanks to its portable app and web interface. The only downside lies in its cost of acquisition and usage.

While the free version has some limitations and only allows the monitoring of just 2 machines, the cost for running and monitoring devices starts from $35 USD for four machines upwards. So, expect to pay more for more machines that are hooked up to the software.

Apart from that, it’s an excellent bitcoin mining software that does the job very well.

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