Trezor Informs That It Will Follow The Bitcoin ABC Proposal

The popular cryptocurrency wallet Trezor has provided valuable information about the upcoming Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hard fork. In a recent tweet, Trezor informed its users that its servers run Bitcoin ABC. That means that they will be following the ABC Bitcoin Cash proposal.

However, the main issue behind this communication is the fact that there is no replay protection. As per the tweet, users will have to take their own measures to split the coins on other chains that may emerge.

At the same time, Electron Cash supports Trezor and all the other chains. In this case, users will be able to select the server supporting the chain they prefer to use.

Bitcoin Cash is about to experience a hard fork on November 15. There are two proposals that will be splitting from the original Bitcoin Cash network: Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV. Apparently, the community is going behind the Bitcoin ABC proposal rather than the Bitcoin SV one. Nevertheless, the situation is not clear enough for Bitcoin Cash and other crypto enthusiasts.

A replay attack could be carried out by some attackers that are able to intercept specific data and retransmit it. For example, if a user makes a transaction in one chain, an attacker can take that public transaction and replay it on another chain. Users can be vulnerable to replay attacks during the upcoming BCH hard fork.

In order to prevent these attacks, it is necessary to implement replay protection on the network at the time of the hard work.

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