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Top New York Stock Exchange Tech Executive Joins Winklevoss’ Exchange

Gemini Trust Co. the cryptocurrencies exchange contracted Robert Cornish from the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). In order to become the company's chief technology officer, this makes it the latest digital asset company to hire an experienced executive to serve professional investors and traders.

More And More NYSE Executives Switch To Crypto

The experienced Robert Cornish will join Gemini's team at the end of July. He served as chief information officer for the NYSE. Now he must commit to Gemini continuing to deliver the best possible platform experience to its customers. It should also set the standards of excellence for the cryptocurrencies industry as a whole.

Rob is globally recognized for his abilities in leading high-performing engineering teams, his expertise in exchange and matching-engine architecture, and running high-throughput platforms that are both secure and resilient.” Gemini CEO Tyler Winklevoss said in a statement Friday.

The cryptocurrency industry has a long list of things to improve before big investors see the big picture without distrust. So talent will have to be attracted from conventional markets for the industry to get there. Since this type of hiring is another sign of the growth of digital currencies such as bitcoin, both as investment and as part of the economy.

The creation of professional quality technology is one of the most important tasks for this great mission of migrating the best from the conventional stock exchange to the cryptocurrency exchanges. The Kraken cryptocurrencies exchange recently hired Steve Hunt of Jump Trading as vice president of engineering. So they have now acquired a technology expert who has a long career in traditional assets.

Who Are The Winklevoss Brothers?

The Winklevoss twins became controversial over their legal battle against Mark Zuckerberg, who was accused of stealing the idea of Facebook when they were Harvard students. The dispute was taken to the cinema in the film “The Social Network”.

Finally, the brothers were able to start trading with Facebook in 2008. The deal gave them 6 million Facebook shares. This was equivalent to a stake of over $228 million at the time of its flotation. Since then, Facebook's actions have multiplied astronomically.

The Winklevosses brothers today have become prominent and vocal advocates on the issue of the value of bitcoin and altcoins. They have endeavored to make the trade in cryptocurrencies increasingly common throughout the world.

Last April, Gemini signed an agreement to use NASDAQ's technology to ensure that business activity meets banking standards. Their attempt to sell a bitcoin-based exchange-traded fund has not yet been approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).



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