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Top Rated Blockchain Bank Payment Systems: 15 Crypto Startup Rankings

Blockchain is not just a buzzword anymore. It is now seen as a cheaper and more viable solution to many problems besetting many industries.

In the financial sector for instance, big banks are investing a lot of money in blockchain solutions in a bid to improve the efficiency of their services while driving down costs. These solutions are being developed in the hopes that they will help streamline banking processes, financial transactions and all other finance based activities.

The investments aren’t limited to just big banks alone. Startup companies with truly revolutionary solutions are getting in on the game too.

They are doing everything possible to create proven blockchain based fintech solutions that can both serve as a standalone product and/or be integrated in a manner that augments the financial processes of established financial institutions.

Top Rated Blockchain Bank Payment Systems

In this article, we’ll be looking at the small sized independent blockchain based fintech startups with private sector or VC backing and showing you how their unique solutions are designed to help businesses, big and small.

Many of these are working on a combination of solutions that combine the traditional financial processes with the transparency of blockchain tech.


OmiseGo, based in Singapore, this startup has developed a solution that integrates payment and currency exchange services, thus allowing both activities to happen near instantly.

Data from these activities are reported in real time, so that users can verify their transactions immediately. Users can simply pay for their services, while the receiving party will get their payments in the desired cryptos or currency.

For instance, a customer can pay for your products in USD and you’ll receive the exact same value in bitcoin, ethereum or any other cryptocurrency. You will also be able to receive it in any other fiat currency you choose.

This project therefore eliminates the need for a bank. In fact, their services are solely targeted at unbanked individuals in Asia for now. Using the network, people can instantly send and receive funds without the need for bank bureaucracy and red tape.

So far, the project has raised $25 million USD, and has powerful partners like Ethereum Founder, Vitalik Buterin. You can find out more about the startup on their website at

This is one of the highest rated startups because they have an actual product that has been deployed and is currently being used.


Revolut, based in the United Kingdom, this startup has an app that converts your fiat currency to cryptos of your choice. The app can also double as a wallet where you can keep your fiat currency or cryptos.

This, combined with their card, the Revolut Card, makes it possible for individuals to make payments anywhere and at any time. The card itself is linked to the wallets, thus working in a manner that’s similar to traditional banks and their debit cards.

While this is revolutionary, it is limited in the sense that conversions are only one way –fiat to cryptos- and the cryptos themselves can’t be withdrawn. So, they are limited to the app.

The good thing though, is that the company has a lot of backers who believe in the project and are willing to invest in it. The company has raised over $250 million USD. You can learn more about the project on their website at


This Turkey based startup, Zamzam, is focused on building a blockchain based bank with a digital banking license. This digital bank will be accessible through a mobile app, and will integrate so many systems into it.

It intends to do this by creating an interlinked network between the population, the government and financial organizations. This way, data can be pulled from one or more sources.

Usage of the platform will be incredibly simple: all you have to do is enter the recipient’s phone number, how much you want to send, and complete the transaction. They’ll get the money in their traditional bank account if they don’t have the Zamzam wallet. And if they do, the funds go there directly.

Unfortunately, we do not have the exact figures on their finances at this moment. But, the startup seems to have significant reach and lobbying power in several countries in the world.

The team also comprises of competent individuals. With these two attributes combined together, the startup looks poised to achieve a cohesive solution that’s integrated with banks in multiple countries. You can find out more about the project at


Bankera, based in Lithuania, this $150 million USD startup recently had one of the world’s most successful initial coin offerings, raising $150 million USD in the process.

This banking based startup already had a series of integrated products and services ready to go before their ICO–explains why their ICO was wildly successful. Their products include an exchange, a payment processing platform, a debit card and a wallet.

As you can see, that’s an entire financial processing system right there. Sadly, the project seems to have slowed down after their ICO, resulting in a significant drop in token value.

As promising as Bankera is, the reality is that the team may have gotten “lazy” from the success they enjoyed in their ICO. We’re just going to have to wait and see. For more information on the startup, visit


Another Singapore based startup, TenX intends to integrate blockchain solutions into the financial sector, secure a banking license and provide debit cards to customers.

They essentially want to become the world’s first blockchain bank. To this end, they have developed a slew of products like wallets as well as mobile apps which will serve as points of entry.

The startup is a very ambitious one seeing as they intend to singlehandedly take on global banking. The startup which is now valued at $100 million USD lost over 80 percent of its value when its partner company WaveCrest, lost its Visa card license.

While the company is working hard to reach a resolution about that problem, there’s none for now. You can read more about the startup on their website at


Based out of Estonia, Crypterium intends to become a cryptocurrency bank that’s offers users the ability to integrated NFC with payment applications. With this app, cryptos can be converted to fiat currencies.

This fiat currency is then loaded onto the crypto bank’s virtual card, which can then be used to effect payments at any store that accepts and supports NFC.

With a current valuation of over $51 million USD, it appears the company is doing really well and poised to increase adoption too. The one downside is the fact that a large part of their projects is still unrealized. You can find out more about the startup on their website at


Some startups are building solutions designed to allow merchants accept payments in cryptocurrency and UTRUST is one of those companies.

Based out of Switzerland, this is a crypto dedicated payment processor that allows buyers to pay in cryptos, and converts it to the local currency, so that merchants can easily access their funds without needing to trade their cryptos.

They also provide buyer protection, thus ensuring that the buyer doesn’t lose their funds. The company has raised about $20 million USD and looks poised to do even better. You’ll find more information about the startup on their website at


Based out of Lituania, Hold is a crypto bank service that allows users convert their cryptos to fiat by means of short term loan offered by the startup. Think of it as a cash lending service that accepts cryptocurrencies as collateral.

So, once you request this, they’ll hold the equivalent of the cryptocurrency in your wallet/account, then give you cash, and only release the crypto back to you after you’ve paid.

This service comes with a card and an account that encouraged peer to peer lending. Unfortunately, the project is beset by two major problems. First is the fact that the borrower must pay the interest up front.

Second is that owing to some logistical problems between the company and its merger partners, the project hasn’t really kicked off.

But, investors clearly believe in its viability, hence the reason the company was able to raise $14 million USD. You can find out more information about the project at


Humaniq is a UK based crypto bank startup is providing banking solutions to the unbanked by linking them to the global economy via blockchain technology.

The platform serves as a blockchain bank powering a slew of financial services, biometric data that will eliminate the need for signatures and passports, and investment portfolio management among others.

While laudable, the project has refused to move forward since the launch of its ICO where it raised over $5 million USD. For more information on the project, visit


MenaPay, based out of Turkey, this is the Middle East’s pioneering financially backed blockchain powered payment processor.

This innovative platform is bound to disrupt and transform the financial sector in that part of the world. Users of the platform will most likely do everything from money transfers to purchasing stuff online. You can find out more about the project at


Wirex  is another UK based blockchain fintech startup, this is a blockchain bank that’s dedicated to keeping both cryptos and fiat in the same place.

So, think of it as something like your regular bank account, but with the ability to hold your cryptos too. So far, the company hasn’t had any initial coin offerings, but they have been able to raise $3 million USD from private investors.

Unfortunately, the system hasn’t lived up to its hype owing to multiple system failures, delay in issuing out bank cards, as well as user data tampering.

We’ll just have to wait and see how they proceed. But, the team seems pretty determined and willing to resolve all their issues. For more information on the project, visit


CoinsBank is another UK based blockchain startup, this company’s project is as ambitious as they come. They’ve built a multicurrency wallet, a mobile app and a cryptocurrency exchange… all at once.

All of these are linked together to facilitate a seamless operation. Unfortunately, the venture has been fraught with major issues, including long processing time and high transaction fees. You can find out more about the project at

Hada DBank

Hada DBank is one of the lowest rated projects on this list, this Malaysia based startup was meant to pioneer a fusion of Islamic banking and blockchain technology.

This is why they were funded to the tune of $3 million USD. Unfortunately, the project never saw the light of day owing to the non-detailed merger process and poor structure. For more information on the project, visit


Bitwala is a Germany based blockchain startup is trying to create a dynamic banking account that will allow huge transfers of cash or cryptocurrencies, as well as provide customers with debit cards linked to those accounts, that they can use for their purchases and transactions.

Unfortunately, the project was crippled after Visa stopped froze all Bitwala cards. That issue is still yet to be resolved. You can find more information on the project at


The only US based startup on the list, Paygine is a platform designed to help facilitate and accelerate the process of payment app developments. Using this platform therefore, corporate entities can easily develop their own apps without any delays.

Their focus on the provision of a platform that helps crypto based corporate entities is their unique selling point. You can find out more about the project here at



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