Competition has been heating up among stablecoins in the crypto world. On paper, this is good as it shows the demand for tokenized fiat currency is on the rise. TUSD is one of the most promising stablcoins in this sector. This popular coin can be traded on numerous exchanges.

The Top Six Crypto Exchanges For TUSD Trading

Here are top TUSD trading exchanges by volume at the time of creating this article.

6. Upbit

Upbit is the largest crypto exchange in South Korea. The exchange sees a lot of merit in stablecoins, and it has opened up its platform to them. Right now, the Upbit exchange supports TUSD trading against the Bitcoin, Tether’s USDT, and the Ethereum. The exchange has not announced any plans to expand its offering. Right now, it is only attracting a small amount of all trading volume. For it to overcome the competition may prove a challenge depending on how popular TUSD becomes in the coming months.


Even since the Huobi exchange decided to expand its operation abroad, its US-based branch has been at the center of attention. Thus, the HBUS exchange is doing quite well. The BTC/TUSD pair has attracted a significant amount of initial interest. Later on, there is a good chance that other trading pairs will be introduced. However, right now it is unclear whether HBUS has any realistic expectation for TUSD trading.

4. Crex24

Crex24 is a surprising entrant to this list. This is a trading platform, which is known to few people in the crypto world. Even more surprising is that the only TUSD trading pair is the TUSD/USD. This allows one to convert their crypto into fiat directly. The entire exchange does not generate stellar volume. However, it shows that the TUSD stablecoin is being accepted by small trading platforms.

3. Bittrex

Despite being among the first to incorporate TUSD trading, the Bittrex exchange is yet to generate the millions of dollars in volume that people expected. The exchange pairs TUSD with USD, USDT, BTC, and ETH. None of these markets has generated any exceptional liquidity thus far. Despite this, the exchange seems committed to supporting the major stablecoins.

2. CoinTiger

This is another lesser-known exchange on this list. CoinTiger is a popular platform that supports TUSD. It only offers the TUSD/BTC pair. However, it has successfully generated over $2 million in daily volume. This is more than all the Bittrex’s pairs combined, which shows just how popular the offering is. However, maintaining the volume and improving the figures will not be easy.

1. Binance

No one would be surprised to learn that the addition of TUSD to Binance is generating a lot of buzz. The exchange, considered the biggest in the crypto world, offers TUSD trading for BTC, USDT, BNB, and ETH. The exchange has generated over 78% of all the TUSD trading volume by the time of creating this article; this is quite impressive. It is safe to assume that TUSD would not have reached its dizzying heights of success without the help of Binance.

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