TopiaCoin SDFS ICO

TopiaCoin, found online at, is a digital currency built as part of a secure, decentralized file sharing system. Find out how it works today in our review.

What is TopiaCoin?

TopiaCoin, found online at, is a cryptocurrency project announced in late 2017. The company is currently going through its ICO, which was originally scheduled for November 27 to January 15, 2018. That ICO has been extended into February, because on February 6, the team “will announce a significant partnership.”

In any case, TopiaCoin aims to address the crisis of modern data exploitation. The digital token is a project from Topia Technology, a company that has spent over a decade solving problems in distributed systems for federal agencies. Now, that company seeks to bring similar security to the general public – like anyone who wants to protect their information without entrusting it to a central authority.

How Does Topia Work?

Topia’s core features include its data encryption and data shredding on the blockchain. Together, these features provide “Secure Decentralized File Sharing” (SDFS) infrastructure. SDFS allows individuals and businesses to easily and securely share any digital asset without a central server with the confidence that each transaction is performed in a manner verified by the blockchain.

The SDFS infrastructure can handle any file size and format, helping to protect data against multiple threats.

Topia will also develop and release a series of proprietary libraries that provide the necessary infrastructure to connect blockchain to digital asset transactions in a P2P way. These libraries will offer so-called “battle tested security”, enabling a faster time to market for solution providers.

What’s the point of all of this technology? The point is that users can share sensitive data and digital assets like wills, medical records, financial information, deeds, agreements, and more. All of these transactions will be private while still being secured by the blockchain.

What Problems Does TopiaCoin Seek to Solve?

Obviously, there are a number of blockchain companies focused on data sharing.

However, TopiaCoin sees itself as different from organizations like FileCoin, Storj, and MaidSafe. Each of these platforms gives users access to large swaths of storage distributed worldwide, along with the opportunity to rent out their own storage space.

These existing solutions only allow users to store and access their own content – none of the solutions are focused on application level data sharing. They don’t provide a way for an application to send data to other instances of itself across the network.

TopiaCoin Features

TopiaCoin advertises all of the following features:

Battle Tested Security:

Topia Technology’s security shreds data into configurable chunks, then wraps each chunk with unique encryption keys. Digital assets are impervious to SSL/TLS exploits and safe from any man in the middle attacks. Overall, SDFS aims to be the most secure, immutable way to share files and digital assets across a decentralized network.

Securely Share Any Digital Asset:

Users can share sensitive data and digital assets like wills, medical records, financial information, deeds, agreements, and more. All secure transactions are private and actively secured by the blockchain.

Create a Workspace:

TopiaCoin lets you create a workspace where you can share digital assets. You can invite people into that workspace, then SDFS will shred and encrypt your assets from any device. your digital assets are never exposed at any point in the transaction – from the point of origin to the point of destination.

Any Files and Formats:

SDFS will secure any digital asset of any size or format. Users are encouraged to protect photos, movies, tax documents, and medical information through SDFS, for example. The goal is to offer unmatched security on the blockchain for all types of digital assets.

Data is Re-Shredded and Re-Encrypted:

Your data is never exposed during a TopiaCoin transaction. Once you’re done sharing data or an asset, every asset in your workspace will be re-encrypted and re-shredded. That means your data stays protected no matter where it’s stored. The only people who have access to your information are you and the recipients in your blockchain.

Topia Use Cases

Application data sharing can be applied across a range of industries and uses. Here are some of the potential use cases for TopiaCoin:

Secure Messaging Decentralized Apps: Decentralized secure messaging apps could use SDFS as a secure communication protocol. Messages are encrypted and securely uploaded to SDFS before being decrypted by the recipient.

Lawyers, CPAs, and other Professional Service Providers: Lawyers, CPAs, and other professional service providers are able to exchange confidential documents with customers and clients through SDFS. Using an SDFS-based application, these users can track documents shared with clients to ensure they were delivered securely.

Delivery of Digital Assets for Online Sales: Movies, music, and electronic tickets cold be sold through SDFS. The SDFS network allows companies to deliver purchased digital assets securely along with the customer’s receipt of the sale.

The TopiaCoin SDFS ICO

Out of the total supply of TopiaCoins, 60.67% are being distributed through a public sale. The remaining tokens are set for a reserve fund (15%), a special project and network investment fund (5%), an employee fund (10%), a friends and advisors fund (2.66%), and a pre-sale (6.67%).

The token sale began on November 27 and will continue into February 2018. The token sale was initially scheduled to end in January, but has been extended due to a “special announcement” on February 6.

Who’s Behind TopiaCoin?

TopiaCoin is led by a company named Topia Technology, including Janine Terrano (CEO), Jeff Cesari (EVP of Corporate Development), and John Haager (Chief Blockchain Architect).

Topia Technology was founded in 1999. Over the 2000s, the company specialized in moving and managing data in complex distributed environments for programs within the United States Army, Federal Aviation Administration, US Air Force and Transportation Security Administration, and more. Prior to launching TopiaCoin, the company was best-known for its security platform called Secrata.

In terms of a roadmap, the design of TopiaCoin was finalized in Q4 2017. An alpha and beta release will occur in 2018, with the final release scheduled for Q2 2019.

TopiaCoin SDFS ICO Conclusion

TopiaCoin aims to change the way we share data. There are other blockchain-based companies focusing on data sharing and storage. However, these companies focus on users who need to access their own personal data over the blockchain. Topia, on the other hand, wants to facilitate application-level data sharing, allowing multiple users to access the same content in a secure way.

To learn more about Topia and its ongoing token sale, visit online today at

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