Crypto tokens and other digital assets that are experienced on the blockchain are experiencing explosive growth. The blockchain allows for the first truly cross-border store of value. The year 2017 was particularly great for crypto. Bitcoin started the year with a market cap of USD 12 billion, which has since grown to hundreds of billions. At the time, Ethereum was valued at $700 million. Since then, Ethereum has also grown quite a lot and is now worth many billions of dollars.

Since the launch of bitcoin, there are more than 1000 altcoins today. A new blockchain project is launched almost every week according to some estimates.

What Is Toplancer?

Toplancer is a project built on the Ethereum blockchain. It has been built with the freelance economy in mind. Toplancer will assist freelancers to find jobs online with the help of the blockchain. The aim of this project is to help employers and freelancers globally to work smart. The Toplancer project wants to revive the freelancing community.

Current Problems Toplancer Seeks To Solve

One of the major issues with current platforms is the high commission fees. If you join a freelancing platform, you will have to pay a commission of 20% or more. Freelancers have to put in a lot of effort; without the benefit of any support staff, then 20% is a huge deal. It is one of the highest commissions charged in any industry.

The freelancer also has to pay taxes and currency conversion commissions, which are not included in the platform’s commission. As a result, freelancers end up paying over 45% of all the money they earned.

Another issue is unsecured payments. Delays and non-payment are common in the freelancing community. Clients and freelancer have little or no control over the payments. In most instances, either the client does not receive the high quality they wanted, or the freelancer is not paid.

The other common issue is account suspension. Most freelancers end up getting their accounts suspended because they have violated certain policies. These suspensions are often ambiguous and can include things such as failing to get clients or sending to many proposals. Getting an account reinstated is usually a difficult process.

Toplancer Decentralized Freelance Blockchain Solution

The Toplancer project provides freelancer and client instant connection via a smart contract. Payments are processed via the leading decentralized exchange, which instantly converts the local currency to Toplancer coins.

When the freelancer delivers projects within the timeframe, escrow verifies the work done by freelancers. If the client honors the job, the payment is sent to the client via Toplancer Coins.

If the client is not happy with the work, a dispute is filed with the dispute team. The freelancer will be able to convert the Toplancer coins to GBP, EUR, or USD instantly. The dispute team is going to type the evidence and other data provided to decide on a fair decision. This decision is irreversible. The system is beneficial for both the clients and freelancers. For instance, freelancers will be able to transfer their ranking and reputation from other platforms. The ICO will go live in about 18 days.

Toplancer TLC ICO Details

ICO Start Date: March 13, 2018
Hard cap: 15000 ETH
Soft cap: 500 ETH
Token: TLC
Exchange rate: 1 ETH = 100000 TLC
Project protocol: ERC20

Token Distribution


  • 65% Distributed to Community
  • 7% Private Sale
  • 20% Founders & Team
  • 8% Advisors & Bounty


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