Tornado Cryptocurrency Limited

When cryptocurrencies became a lucrative investment idea, they attracted legitimate opportunities as well as scams. The major problem facing investors is distinguishing between scams and legit platforms. The only way to tell a Ponzi Scheme is knowing its features. Tornado Cryptocurrency Limited fits in this category and investors should beware.

The company presents itself as a platform for investors in cryptocurrency. It has expressed how good it is in trading on behalf of the investor and giving back high returns. Typical scam sites are keen to mention about their experts and how good they are with their work. One glaring suspicion is that the company does not have exact years of operation. It has used vague language to imply it has experienced professionals.

Red Flags!

To try and prove their transparency, Tornado has given a physical address. So far, no one has confirmed that the offices are really there. This trick should not lure anyone into believing they are genuine. Registration could be done anywhere because there are no location restrictions. An individual from any part of the world is eligible for registration but they do not have to be where they claim to be.

The company has used persuasive language that seems too good to be true. Investors are guaranteed of daily returns with high growth rates. They also include a feature of instant payout to convince the unsuspecting investors that they can withdraw their money any time. In addition, the minimal withdrawal is very low. In this case, Tornado claims that investors can withdraw as low as 0.005 eth.

No authority site has vouched for the legitimacy of the Tornado Cryptocurrency Limited website. This should caution potential investors from trusting such a site. Though you may not be conned the first time, the company is just buying time to gain trust. After investing more funds, they will disappear with people’s money, never to be found.

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