What Is TotiPay Network?

The TPX Network or the Totipay Network is a project developed by an upcoming fintech, which has the vision of bringing about a revolution in the money transfer sector. They want to help customers free themselves from banks and offer them a working solution to transfer money to family and friends globally in a simple, secure, efficient, and fair manner. All of these things will be achieved at a fraction of the current cost of conducting these transactions.

TotiPay Network Technology For Sending Crypto Payments

To achieve their goal, they will utilize the blockchain technology and apply it to the online remittance business. The app they develop is going to give customers the option to use fiat or crypto to fund transfers, payment cards, and even cash out. To achieve this, customers will utilize the Totipay digital wallet. If they want, they can be able to avoid banks.

The developers plan to offer their blockchain remittance system to SMEs globally, thus help them reduce reliance on the current banking methods. To fund global expansion, they will offer investors the chance to purchase TPX tokens via a pre-sale that will open on March 26, 2018, and an ICO that will start in May 2018.

TotiPay Network And The Current Market

The Worldwide annual remittance market is thought to be worth over 574 billion USD. Even during the financial crisis, remittances had grown almost double of what they were a decade ago. The remittances from the UK in 2016 were estimated to be over $24.5 billion.

The Totipay program is going to start in the UK and head to over 50 destinations. The global peer to peer remittances market is expected to be worth about USD 3000 billion in 2021. The blockchain makes it possible for users and vendors to connect directly to each other. Thus, there is no need for third parties. In short, it is a decentralized system, which runs at fast speeds via a network of computer. This computer network verifies and approves all the transactions.

The potential of the blockchain is unlimited. This technology will make it possible for migrants to send money home where banking services are sparse or difficult to access. All you would need is an internet connection on a phone or computer. This technology will also help to cut down fraud during transactions. Most people have heard of the Bitcoin, which runs on the blockchain.

Even major players in the world such as Bill Gates and Richard Branson have praised this technology. It is estimated that the use of the blockchain is going to grow significantly in coming years. The Totipay app is going to concentrate on using the technology for money transfer via an application. They will ensure that their service complies with all regulations.

TotiPay Network TPX Token ICO Details

You can participate in the TotiPay ICO by registering on their site tpxnetwork.com making you a member. The ICO is going on now.

Token Distribution

  • Team & Founders: 20%
  • Community & User Growth: 10%
  • Token Sale: 70%

Allocation Of Funds

  • Tech Development: 20%
  • Integrations: 15%
  • Business Expansion & Operations: 65%

TotiPay Network Conclusion

TotiPay has made sure the app is user-friendly, and anyone can utilize it. As long as you have knowledge on how to operate a smartphone, this app will be easy to use. To ensure customer data is safe, the app will be monitored often, and the best authentication methods will be utilized.

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