TouchCon Eco-system Project ICO (TOC Token) Review:

Even though cryptocurrencies offer a variety of solutions to real-world problems, there has been a few problems plaguing the ecosystem since its inception. There is a lack of capacity to build an ecosystem. There is a problem of wasting an electrical energy and global warming caused by computer mining. Additionally, there is a lack of trust between cryptocurrency and the real world.

TouchCon offers solutions to these problems.

What Is TouchCon?

TouchCon is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency for online and offline advertising marketing. The value of TouchCon project is Ad Marketing Platform that blends the QR Data Code with commercials. While most coins make meaningless Airdrop, TouchCon blends the QR Data Code with commercials. Especially, Ad Marketing Platform, which solves the problems of computer mining, is a platform to seek trust with the public.

Another value of TouchCon project is the scalability of the self-developed two-dimensional code. The invention, which was patented by the TouchCon Foundation, is called ‘The system and method of mining cryptocurrency using a QR Code’. The development consists of 2 stages. Stage 1 will mine cryptocurrency from QR Data Code and the expansion in stage 2 will send and receive a video to use in various commercials.

TouchCon Platform Ecosystem

TouchCon Ecosystem Project is a complex concept, embracing all the TouchCon ecosystem. It is a commercials project that has the infinite value to increase a contact with the real world by blending QR Data Code with a blockchain that is based on Ethereum.

QR Data Code Ad Marketing Platform:

It is a platform to do re-mining TouchCon through O2O ad marketing, and it can solve the coin mining problem and global warming having to use the computer excessively.

Mobile Application:

It is an application that supports TouchCon mined again through QR Data Code to use it in the real world. The app supports payments, transfers, exchanges and ad marketing.

Bitbigbang Exchange:

For stabilizing the TouchCon ecosystem, we will establish an international cryptocurrency exchange and try to connect the network to expand it to the whole world.

TouchCon TOC Token ICO Details

  • A total of 840 million TOC will be issued.
  • 13% of TOC will be distributed to the TOC presale & TGE participants
  • 7% of TOC will be kept for capital reserve
  • 70% of TOC will be Airdropped for Ad marketing using QR Data code
  • The remaining 10% of TOC can be earned through equitable ‘PoW’ mining.

6% of the funds raised through the sale of tokens will be used to implement TOC technology, 3% of pre-mined TOC will be used for global marketing, managing social media channels, advisors, and bounty programs, 4% will be used to create infrastructure, ecosystem organization. liquidity management and activation and 70% will be airdropped for Ad marketing using QR Data Code.

  • The token sale starts on 30th April 2018 and ends on 31st May
  • The minimum contribution for the sale is 0.1 ETH
  • The maximum is restricted to 50 ETH.

TouchCon Conclusion

Even though TouchCon intends to revamp the digital advertising industry and has some projections how to do it, it might not be enough. They have a decent team behind their idea but the whitepaper doesn’t give enough insights into the project. It is not advisable to invest in their token right now.

More information about them can be found on

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