The Pirate Bay Reactivates Cryptojacking Script On Its Website

Albeit silently, it appears that The Pirate Bay (TPB) has reactivated its cryptojacking activities.

Cryptojacking is the using of a malicious code that is often embed on another useful utility to mine cryptocurrencies. Essentially, the code attacks the host’s hardware and uses its processing power to mine digital currencies. In this case, The Pirate Bay (TPB) decentralized file sharing platform hid the mining script within their browser. This is the second time the platform has released such a script, with the first attempt being vehemently dismissed by its users.

Reportedly, the script that inadvertently uses the host’s computing power is not as the crypto loot script. The first incidence of the script’s actions was reported by the site’s user on the TPB online forum in June. Furthermore, the current mining script has a throttle value which is high enough to overwhelm standard home computers, resulting in excessive heating while navigating through TPB. Previously, ten throttle value was considerably lower, ranging from 0.6 to 0.8.

The most significant reason behind the inclusion of the crypto loot script is the need to rake in extra revenue by The Pirate Bay. Since most people have installed ad-blockers on their computers, the amount of profits made from banner advertising has reduced drastically. Moreover, online advertisers often overlook peer-to-peer file sharing platforms.

Mixed Reactions On Crypto Loot Web Miner

TPB’s decision to integrate the web miner without their users’ consent has irked a sizable portion of their clients. To make matters worse, users do not have the option to opt-out, as the script forcefully hijacks their processing power and redirects it for digital currency mining purposes. Developers have equally been annoyed by the reactivation of the mining script. However, they do not see the miner as much of a bother, per se. This is because the site’s users can easily obscure the program by enabling and ad-blocker or immediately closing the site after acquitting the download link to the file they are looking for.

The Rise Of Cryptojacking

Notably, cryptojacking transcends far beyond conventional peer-to-peer file sharing sites. Currently, most digital currency hackers prefer this method to the use of Ransomware.

Usually, Coinhive is blamed for promoting cryptojacking through the provision of a script that enables individuals to manipulate the computing power of others to mine virtual currencies. As of now, several websites are affected by various mining scripts and it is therefore advisable to exercise precautionary measures to protect the processing power of personal computers. The best way of safeguarding a computer is the use of ad-blockers such as ScriptBlock and NoScript.

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