Tracto Venture

Tracto Venture is a multilevel marketing platform that promises to help you get rich through becoming an early cryptocurrency adopter. Here’s our Tracto Venture review.

What Is Tracto Venture?

Tracto Venture, found online at, describes itself as “ICO investment through peer-to-peer network marketing & crowd pool mining.” The website is accompanied with stock photos of businesspeople doing business-y things. Basically, it seems like Tracto Venture has tried to cram every possible cryptocurrency buzzword into a single page in an effort to convince investors it’s a legitimate platform.

In reality, Tracto Venture appears to be a multilevel marketing scheme. Users are promised “future returns” in exchange for being an “early adopter” in the world of cryptocurrency. You invest bitcoin in the company in exchange for “Tracto Coins”, then earn guaranteed returns of 13% per month.

If you want to be an early adopter into cryptocurrency, then you’re about 3 years too late. The days of becoming a bitcoin millionaire are (probably) over, and cryptocurrencies are starting to go mainstream. Despite that fact, Tracto Venture advertises its business as a “highly lucrative” opportunity.

The company also calls itself Tracto Venture Network, or TVN, in certain documents. The company appears to be based in Australia, but lists a fake UK address on its documentation.

Is Tracto Venture a scam or a legitimate business? Obviously, there are a number of red flags that already suggest it’s a Ponzi scheme or pyramid scheme. Let’s take a closer look at how it claims to work.

How Does Tracto Venture Work?

Tracto Venture doesn’t claim to sell any products or services. The company only sells memberships. Typically, when a company doesn’t sell any products or services, and is only supported by memberships, that means it’s not a legitimate company – it’s an illegal pyramid scheme.

Despite the fact that there are no products or services here, Tracto Venture guarantees monthly ROIs of 8% to 10% when signing up for 6 months, or 11% to 13% per month when signing up for 12 months.

Of course, Tracto Venture is being deliberately misleading with these numbers. In reality, your return on investment will be less than 0 (you’re almost certainly guaranteed to lose your money). The “8% to 10%” figure comes from the amount of money you can earn by recruiting other people to the pyramid scheme.

However, on the FAQs page, the company insists that its ROI refers to the amount you’re guaranteed to make even without recruiting new members. That’s right: they claim their investment fund is so successful that it will earn investors up to 13% per month, every month.

Ultimately, like most pyramid schemes, Tracto Venture is vague and unclear about how it works, or how much money you can make. The goal of the company seems to be to throw a bunch of impressive numbers and buzzwords at you, then hope you fall for the scam. There’s no evidence of a real investment fund, and there’s no proof that the mysterious fund has achieved anything close to 13% ROI performance over any period of time.

Tracto Venture Features

As mentioned above, Tracto Venture has no product or service. However, the website still has a “features” section. That section essentially describes where your money is kept after you give it to the company.

“Offline Encrypted Server, Restricted & Monitored Vault Access”

Your investment is stored in an offline, secure, encrypted server that is never connected to the internet. The company claims to store its servers “behind reinforced concrete walls, a steel blast door and a radio wave-blocking Faraday cage.”

“Highly Secured Server Storage Facilities & 48 Hours Vault”

If the Tracto Venture vault is so secure, then how do users withdraw their funds? The company claims that once a withdrawal request is received, the team begins “an advanced security process”. Within 48 hours, that security process is complete, and funds are transferred from your vault to your wallet.

Who’s Behind Tracto Venture?

Tracto Venture, or Tracto Venture Network, describes itself as an Australian investment fund and platform.

The company’s website has an “About” page. However, there’s absolutely no information about the company available on that page. We don’t know anything about the management team or executives running the company, for example. The company claims that its customer service team is available Monday to Friday, but they don’t list any phone numbers or email addresses you can use to contact that team.

Tracto Venture claims to be based in Australia, but the company lists a UK address online:

Fairways, Parsloe Road,
Harlow, Essex,
CM19 4RT, United Kingdom

That address is for a sports and social club located just north of London. In other words, the address is most likely fake.

When a company expects you to give them money without disclosing any information about themselves, that’s an enormous red flag.

Tracto Venture Conclusion

Tracto Venture Network (TVN) appears to be designed to throw a bunch of buzzwords at investors in the hopes that they’ll fall for the scam. The company frequently uses buzzwords like “blockchain technology”, “open source”, “peer-to-peer”, and “business-to-customer cryptocurrency” without ever explaining anything about how their technology works.

TVN doesn’t appear to sell any products or services. They just sell memberships. The only way to make money through the platform is by selling memberships to other people, and then earning money from their recruitment fees. Using this method, Tracto Venture Network promises an ROI of up to 13% per month.

Ultimately, TVN appears to be a scam. At worst, the company will take your bitcoin investment and give you worthless “Tracto Coins” in return. At best, the company will take your bitcoin investment and force you to recruit other members to the pyramid scheme if you ever want a chance to withdraw your investment.

If you want to maintain access to your bitcoins and your funds, you should avoid Tracto Venture at all costs. There are too many red flags telling us it’s a pyramid scheme or Ponzi scheme, and absolutely no signs that this is a legitimate investment opportunity.

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