Trade Genius Academy

Trade Genius Academy is a financial training and education platform that focuses on providing beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses on stock trading, binary options, and cryptocurrency. Trade Genius Academy also offers one-on-one financial coaching sessions as well.

What Is Trade Genius Academy?

Trade Genius Academy is the training arm of Trade Genius, an online binary options trading signals provider created by Bob Kudla, who has been working in the finance industry for several decades in managerial and executive positions.

In addition to founding Trade Genius, Kudla has created several other successful businesses, including marketing and consultant firms as well as a solar energy provision company. Kudla is based in Orange County, California.

Trade Genius Academy Product

Trade Genius Academy provides access to relatively high-ticket training and education courses on a number of different financial topics. These courses typically begin at around $97 for introductions to topics such as options trading and cryptocurrency to more focused subjects like trading specific commodities like oil or specific trading strategies.

The next pricing tier up is $129, which is where a number of the academy’s courses – or groups of courses under a specific umbrella – inhabit. These are nearly exclusively cryptocurrency related, and covers basic definitions, how to purchase these digital currencies, and how to trade them on cryptocurrency markets.

The rest of Genius Academy’s offerings only increase in price from there. Most of these are bundled lessons ranging from $399 and up (which can often represent a significant savings over purchasing access to lessons one at a time). Some of these also come with annual access to Trade Genius as well, as the binary options trade signals service is a separate subscription that can cost $500 or more a year on its own.

Finally, Trade Genius Academy offers personal coaching services ranging from $1499 for four weeks to $6999 for six months. Topics covered can include cryptocurrency, personal coaching, binary options, and others.

Trade Genius Academy Opportunity

The opportunity presented by Trade Genius Academy is to receive financial training from a company that’s been created by a well-respected member of the business community. Other than that, there are no additional opportunities, such as affiliate marketing programs, presented by Trade Genius.

Trade Genius Academy Verdict

Company founder Bob Kudla has a positive reputation among his peers, is a highly successful executive and CEO, and comports himself with professionalism and care in his interactions with the public. This includes responding personally to any complaints about Trade Genius Academy or its core trade signal service. This demonstrates that his products and services are likely to be high quality indeed.

That being said, Trade Genius Academy is certainly not for anyone who’s trying to scrape by. These relatively high-ticket training and education programs are likely to be informative and beneficial, but they are certainly priced out of the range of anyone who’s not currently moderately well-established financially. The personal coaching services are especially expensive and are obviously reserved for the very wealthy.

That being said, the old saying of “you have to spend money to make money” comes to mind here, as quality training and education on financial systems is always an investment in yourself and your own future. Using Trade Genius Academy as a resource is likely worth the price of entry, and the company does offer value for your money by offering bundles of its courses at prices that cost less than they would if you purchased them one at a time. This does mean that your initial upfront costs are higher, so the trade-off is something you’ll have to consider carefully.

In the end, we feel confident recommending Trade Genius Academy to anyone interested in learning more about cryptocurrency, binary options trading, or other financial subjects, provided they can afford the price of entry.

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  1. NOOOOOOOO, Phil is a bloody scammer. He stole $1,399 from me blatantly on the night of December 15th/early 16th Dec when I bought a ‘2 for one New Year Special’ of his non-existent signals and non-existent ‘money machine’ software. Another person I know has taken a contract out on Fat Phil to have his legs broken which I think is such a good idea given the fact that this fat P.O.S. most likely makes as much money as most of us crypto traders do, yet still feels the need to steel.

    Imagine how he is going to feel when he is fumbling at his bloodied phone to call an ambulance before thinking to himself “I wish I hadn’t been agreed fat thieving cunt”

    The only reason he can still operate is that YouTube is an unmanned ship who do NOTHING about fraud reports (with evidence) and the authorities have not got to him yet since I reported him to the FBI.

  2. @Craig. 1. Surely you paid by credit card so if Trade Genius didn’t deliver you can dispute the charge. 2. Even if Trade Genius didn’t deliver the trading signals Money Machine software, if losing $1399 gets you riled up enough to resort to name calling and making threats anonymously on the internet, then your hands are too weak to be trading cryptocurrencies in the first place. 3. I receive the signals and use the Money Machine software on the daily. Anyone else reading this I think “Craig” is either a competitor, troll, or both.

  3. I am extremely surprised to hear this and have to consider if any of what you are saying is correct. I joined the Phil and Bob at trade genius 5 Months ago and have doubled my portfolio since purchasing one of these awesome packages. The signals are great in both the older version of the Crypto Money Machine and the new one that has just been released. I am also part of the Chat room which has been a life saver in these volatile times. The private signals that are posted in the room and on twitter for those that have subscribed are spot on, Sometimes we think that there is no way we are going to hit a target with a 50% gain within a short time period, but Phills calls always come through and have never let me down. I cant even imagine that the above is possibly true, If you had an issue have you emailed the team as they have always been extremely helpful to me?


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