What Is TradeFada?

TradeFada is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that seeks to simplify and secure the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies. Located and operating in Nigeria, the platform boasts of being the leading digital exchange platform in Africa offering the most actionable services.

The platform seeks to decentralize trading by offering the traders with the opportunity to decide the digital assets they would like to trade, price of the assets, the amount and the time and margins they prefer trading with.

One of the major challenges that the cryptocurrency markets experiences is the lack of liquidity, which consequently makes it difficult to enter or exit the market using the right prices. The lack of liquidity also results in a more volatile market with frequent price fluctuations.

TradeFada provides a solution to this problem by reducing the high margins between buying and selling. Traders have the opportunity to buy, trade, and sell digital assets at their own preferred rates.

How TradeFada Buy & Sell Cryptocurrency Trading Exchange Works

The trading platform utilizes the arbitrage strategy whereby traders buy and sell digital assets at the almost the same period in order to make profits from the difference. This strategy is also known as the buy low, sell high. This strategy reduces the risk the traders might face in the cryptocurrency market due to its volatile nature while at the same time earning the trader consistent profits.

Most of the cryptocurrency exchange platforms take a few business days for a withdrawal of the cryptocurrency to reflect into a bank account depending on the location of the trader. This will not be the case for TradeFada as it implements an automated withdrawal system whereby the withdrawals to bank accounts and crypto withdrawals are instant.

Traders can also choose to receive the proceeds from the trading in their cryptocurrency trading in their wallets. To receive the funds in their wallet, traders submit their bitcoin address, which is generated after every bitcoin transaction they make.

Trading on the platform is not limited to Africa only. Users can trade from anywhere in the world and make profits through the platform. In case of any problem or any inquiries, users can get in touch with the dedicated and reliable staff of TradeFada who offers a 24-hour online support.

TradeFada Benefits

Experienced Team

The platform’s team is made up of professional and experienced individuals who have a wide-ranging expertise in the digital currency industry. This means that the services the users will receive are top notch and will be compliant to the international standard of cryptocurrency Exchange.


The platform prioritizes the security of the user’s data and funds. In this regard, all the users’ funds are stored in Ice Cold storage, which are identified as the most secure cryptocurrency wallets. TradeFada has also put in place the most stringent rules and procedure on the transfer and storage of the cryptocurrency to ensure that they are inaccessible by unauthorized third parties such as hackers.

Stable Network

TradeFada can handle over one million transactions in a minute without have any hitches. The stability of the network is due to the superior servers and premium security that the platform utilizes.

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