TradeFinex is a decentralized marketplace that is focused around trade and financial areas. They describe it as the bridge to fill the gap between you and the global trade opportunities around the world. The platform is full of innovative financial solutions to help grow your personal infrastructure for making money.

How Does Trade Finex Work?

The problem is said to rest with inefficiency in the legal systems of the world. For one, they’re all centralized in nature and the ability to reach more people is that finance is primarily focused in concentration in too few of people, this also increases risks.

It makes it more expensive for everyday people as well, due to overheads being driven up and intermediaries as well, leading to transactions costing more money in the long run and short term. Almost all processes around finance are inefficient these days. A lot of that is because everything requires manual authorization and disjoint IT systems that make transactions and operations take longer than they need to. Little problems like this aren’t so little these days and have led to the entire industry being inefficient.

People and businesses are scared now and concealing their actions and results. The lack of transparency in the deployment of funds has led to an increased amount of risk being the standard by default.

There needs to be solutions to these problems and that is where TradeFinex comes into play. The blockchain-based smart solutions they offer can be used to change the financial world. For one, the decentralized P2P solution for trading and finances immediately enhances the financial inclusion.

Also, the trusted worldwide tokens can boost the world’s economy. And at the same time by using direct contracting, commerce is enabled to operate at a reduced cost. It’s a more efficient method of operations, thanks to the blockchain ledger that makes processing transactions easy, fast, and efficient.

The visible transparent nature of the blockchain also provides unparalleled control, access, audibility, honesty, and transparency. These are the smart solutions that TradeFinex is bringing to the table. They’ll do so through the use of smart contracts, smart payments, and having it all run through a smart network that powered by the XDC Protocol.

What Is The ICO On TradeFinex?

At this time there is no ICO for the company. At the same time, no mention has been made to start one or setup any type of crowdsale whatsoever. Hopefully something will happen, because there is a lot of money to be made by way of the solutions TradeFinex is looking to offer. The company may end being an invite only platform or have certain requirements for people to join or invest.

Who Is Behind TradeFinex?

The only factor I don’t like about TradeFinex is the fact they have no information about the team who is running the platform. There is no disclosure on the founders, co-founders, who its on the board, or where the company is physically located. Until they give us this information, it will be hard to fully trust TradeFinex entirely.

TradeFinex In Conclusion

TradeFinex is a decentralized P2P market system, fueled by the XinFin Hybrid Blockchain and the XDC01 Protocol. The point is to bring governments, institutions, buyers and suppliers together. And by doing so, reduce the size of the worldwide infrastructure deficit. This will be done by also shrinking the inefficient operations in the worldwide trade and finance industry by using blockchain technology. TradeFinex will be able to perform these feats while working with existing laws of the land and already setup payment rails. When that can’t be done, they will work in an approved jurisdiction using by way of XinFin’s underlying XDC Tokens that will be used for all cross-border transactions.

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