What Is Tradefred?

Tradefred is a global trading platform in online forex and CFD. It entails an expert combination of dedicated personal account managers and a customer support system that ensures the provision of an investment experience that has been designed to suit the user's investment style.

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) regulates Tradefred platform. Thus, it is a trusted entity. The funds of the client are separately held in segregated trust accounts. The platform ensures the protection of negative balance on all real money accounts for its clients.

How Tradefred Crypto Trading And Investing Network Works

One of the features offered by the platform is social trading. Through social trading, the platform allows its clients to form a community on which they can share their successes and best practices. Social trading equally enables investors with all skill levels to easily participate, thus experienced traders get an opportunity to impart wisdom while beginners in investment benefit from the knowledge on the platform. Social trading is anonymous on the platform since users do not give access to their trading account or disclosure of their personal details.

An advantage of social trading is the fact that it is mutually beneficial to both novice and experienced investors. Traders with no experience can use the platform's copy trading feature that copies automatically those open positions of the successful traders. The clients that attract followers get rewards for the effort of helping others. Investors in the social trading arena gain an added avenue on which they can hedge their trading risk.

In order to take part in social trading, all clients answer a number of questions that enable them to gauge attitude and suitability towards risk. This makes sure that the investors of the platform are protected from people and trades that seem too risky. It also prepares the traders for the entire social trading experience. The platform follows a set of strict rules in the selection of investors that seem suitable for their trades to be copied, known as the Masters. This ensures that the safety and best interest of clients is kept at heart.

Tradefred Benefits

No Experience Required

Investors of all skill levels are allowed to participate in social trading. All that is needed is the ability to recognize traders that have a high win rate ratio thus allowing clients to make informed investments.

Join A Community

Users enjoy a personalized approach to trading in that they can share their stories as well as best practices with their peers. The user can also become a master investor and thus help others in sharpening their skills.

Learn From The Best

The platform contains a network of all types of investors that shortens the user’s learning curve and takes them from being a novice investor to a professional dealer. Clients can ask questions to allow them understand their methods and thus super-charge their knowledge.


Social trading on the platform is anonymous since users do not disclose their account or personal information. This ensures that the user's data is secured and won’t be shared without their permission.

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