TradeInvest Coin

Usually, cryptocurrency trading associates with plenty of obstacles to the average user with the challenges ranging from the complexity of the technicality to the skills involved in tracking and identifying the crypto trends. Luckily, crypto trading platforms such as TradeInvestCoin are going beyond typical trading features to helping one invest better.

What Is TradeInvest Coin?

The TradeInvestCoin trading platform will present a unique opportunity to allow the most average of users to make money through cryptocurrency trading. Despite the challenges facing cryptocurrency markets, TradeInvestCoin promises to help private investors accumulate their crypto portfolio through purchasing and trading crypto correctly in the exchanges. TradeInvestCoin achieves this by entrusting the user's funds to the platform's professional traders who will invest successfully and achieve passive income.

TradeInvest Coin Crypto Trading Features


TradeInvestCoin will develop three trading bots which work on different algorithms to enable the building of complex trading systems as well as collecting crypto markets data.

TINC Internal Exchange

The fully-fledged exchange will facilitate trading by equipping the crypto enthusiasts with advanced and straightforward functionality.

Invest Contract

The TradeInvestCoin platform guarantee a stable daily income based on the following investment amount structure:

  • $100- $1000- 0.8% daily interest (After 120 days)
  • $10001-$5000- 1% daily interest (After 90 days)
  • $5001-%10000- 1.2% daily interest (After 60 days)
  • $10001-$5000- 1.5% daily interest (After 45 days)

Cloud Stake Program

The TradeInvestCoin platform also provides users with an additional earning option through the cloud stake program. The TINC Cloud Stake program will be operable within three months of launch and payments to users will be in TINC token form.

Affiliate Program

Users can earn with TradeInvestCoin by growing the platform's user base by inviting new investors. The affiliate level will work on a 5-tier level and referral links.

What Makes TradeInvest Coin Notable?

  • News tracking for all altcoins
  • Buying altcoins before raising their prices several times
  • Constant monitoring of the market
  • Automatic trading bots
  • Trading on the most profitable currency pairs
  • Manual trading using technical and fundamental analysis tools
  • Pump-and-Dump strategy on the medium-sized exchanges

TradeInvestCoin TINC Token ICO Details

TradeInvestCoin enlists an ICO sale with five stages, each lasting five days or until all the tokens are sold out.

Round 1

  • Period- 1July, 2018
  • Coins available- 100 000
  • Price rate- $0.20
  • Token limit- 500

Round 2

  • Period – 6 July, 2018
  • Coins available- 200 000
  • Price rate- $0.40
  • Token limit- 500

Round 3

  • Period- 11 July, 2018
  • Coins available- 600 000
  • Price rate- $0.60
  • Token limit- 2000

Round 4

  • Period- 16 July, 2018
  • Coins available- 600 000
  • Price rate- $0.80
  • Token limit- 2000

Round 5

  • Period- 21 July, 2018
  • Coins available- 600 000
  • Price- $1.00

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token symbol- TINC
  • Token platform- Ethereum
  • Accepts- ETH, BTC
  • Total supply- 7,000,000
  • ICO supply- 2,100,000
  • Price rate- $0.20
  • Hard cap- 1,540,000
  • Soft cap- 540,000

Token Dstribution

  • Investors- 30%
  • Advertising- 20%
  • Maintenance- 20%
  • Development- 30%

TradeInvest Coin Conclusion

Stepping back, TradeInvestCoin is not offering anything new for crypto trading, and unfortunately, their efforts are not bringing any attention. Overall, this does not seem like an exchange that is worthwhile to consider.

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