What Is Tradelize?

They call Tradelize your laser sword in the cryptocurrency trading world. And it’s an ecosystem that is designed to provide the ultimate to give professional investors a special toolset for getting the best possible results. The presale for the tokens starts in a little over eleven hours. And there is a message from the CFO on the company website that is said to be extremely urgent.

How Tradelize Cryptocurrency Trading For Investors Works

There is an ecosystem that is designed to be extremely comfortable for any cryptocurrency holders to be able to earn a lot of money with mature pros. And not only that, but the terminal for the company has an ultra-fast, directly targeted software solution that is designed to make it extremely easy for people to benefit from the highly accessible interface. Not only that, but they’ll also be able to trade any of the major global cryptocurrencies on the global exchanges.

The company also has a web environment that offers traders and investors the ability to use the best methods that are guaranteed because they are getting the pros the best results. It’s a simple enough to use app that will also make regular people successful traders with a few clicks of a button. To me this is an instant red flag and something to be aware of. There is no business model that can make you money with little to no work whatsoever.

The platform uses the Tradelize Terminal. And it’s the first of its kind with direct market access that is standalone software solution that is easy and accessible. It provides an accessible and very friendly User Interface that is designed to work with the major cryptocurrency exchanges. And not only that, but it was designed specifically by traders who understand exactly what a platform like this needs to work. And they did it also to be as simple and easy to use for traders.

There are multiple tools on the platform that are also designed to be especially helpful like the risk management tool and an interface that each user can personally customize to his/her own liking. It also has full multi-screen capabilities that can be used to view different aspects of the trading site on multiple screens. And you can connect different wallets to it as well.

Tradelize TDZ Token ICO Details

The token for the platform is called the TDZ and is designed to be the number one method for collecting revenue. They will be used to fuel the entire platform, and the company whitepaper explains the ICO in greater detail. There is also a roadmap on the company site that will give you the full details on exactly where the company is headed and how long it will take to reach each milestone.

Who Is Behind Tradelize?

Anton Zapolskyi is the founder and CEO and has a verified LinkedIn profile. He’s been a trader for ten years and has the experience needed to successfully run the company. He’s also an angel investor who is a blockchain expert and social media entrepreneur. Anton is the co-founder of Chummy as we well, a successful online company. He runs the team of at least 14 other people and is taking the company to another level of success according to the website.

Tradelize Conclusion

The website has a massive amount of information about what they are trying to accomplish. And there are detailed profiles for the team, verified links to social media accounts a detailed FAQ section. From the looks of it, Traelize looks to be a real company that is safe to invest into for the right person.

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