What Is Trademindx?

TradeMindx is a machine learning platform that aims to facilitate the daily trading of cryptocurrencies. It’s done through simple machine language that works as an applied-natural algorithm for processing, analytics, and artificial intelligence needs.

How Trademindx Machine Learning Crypto Trading Works

The new platform has built in micro-services, based on distributed architecture. The primary function of the platform is to analyze extremely large amounts of data as well as give users a clear and simple to understand trading indicator in real-world-time.

To put it simply, TradeMindx is able to easily process massive volumes of data as well as give you clear information on what cryptocurrencies are doing best. It will then tell you which the best are to invest in and help you determine where you’ll get the most returns. To use the system, you need to have the TMX tokens, they will give you access to the company’s platform.

The platform uses a combination of different natural language processes. It also uses sentiment analysis and other algorithms written for machine learning that can easily classify, sort and process massive amounts of data into easy to understand metrics to help figure out when to buy, sell, or trade in real time.

There is a default approach that is typically used to get the most accurate data feedback for entropy algorithm information. It is then used for a multinomial logistics regression model that sorts and stores data in appropriate categories in order to improve accuracy.

The platform is being developed primarily for cryptocurrency reasons. The applications will start with the larger cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether, and Litecoin. Eventually they promise to have software that works with every altcoin there is.

Trademindx TMX ICO Details

Token registration is for the TMX utility token that is based on the Ethereum Blockchain. It’s compatible with Ethereum wallets that use the ERC20 standard token. The ICO is said to help them build the rest of the team for the company, their base structure and the rest of the platform.

As of now, they are in the early stages of development but already have a beta prototype platform. You can use the tokens to access to the TradeMindx Platform.

Who Is Behind Trademindx?

Alex Petlenko is the founder of the platform and a software developer that has more than 20 years of experience and is based out of the UK in London. He has a masters in Software Engineering from the Imperial College based out of London England in the United Kingdom.

He is a coder and developer who has worked for several different financial institutions. He was also the director of the second biggest bank in Russia where he specialized in investing and was also a developer for one of the biggest hedge fund organizations in the EU.

His main interest now is in AI, financial markets and language processing. He also has a desire to work with value-investing and cryptocurrencies. There are several other members on the team as well.

Trademindx Conclusion

Keep an eye on TradeMindx because they have a quality team and seam to know what they are doing. They could end up making a platform that offers a lot of solutions to the right users and makes a lot of people money.

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