What Is TradeNetCoin?

TradeNetCoin is a brand-new platform to help manage the digital economy. And it’s a revolutionary lending platform as well that according to the creators of the network. It’s operating on a decentralized network that will help with security and safety.

How Does TradeNetCoin Cryptocurrency Lending Work?

TradeNetCoin starts with a mining farm that people can make money through. They can mine altcoins and also use trading bots on the platform is as well. The money goes through financial institutions and investors then the company and on to lending and staking.

Right now, there is a lottery that happens during a special ICO where you can win free tokens. And within each round there will be a specific amount of coins given away for free. Investors who bought tokens in the past are the ones who will win the free tokens this time around.

There are different opportunities on the platform as well. The first of which is the classic lending program. These lending platforms on many of the recent ICOs are absolute scams, so be extremely careful when investing with companies like

Another of the ways you can make money on the platform is through the affiliate system on the platform as well. Affiliate offers are also red flags most of the time when looking at ICOs. Many times, the affiliate program is the only real part where the people actually make money. And that’s typically through bringing in people to the lending program or investment section with an affiliate link.

Trading is another part of the platform that you can use to make money. It’s the same type of operation that goes on in nearly every other trading exchange. TradeNetCoin is attempting to make an exchange that is safer and more secure. They promise that their exchange will be nothing like any other trading exchange in the industry.

Staking is yet one more way to make an income with TradeNetCoin. Staking is essentially holding the tokens to gain money through interest. This is a common way ICOs get people in to the companies with promise of insanely high ROIs. And in all reality, lending programs are often frowned upon in cryptocurrency.

TradeNetCoin TNC ICO Details

No ICO was released as of yet which is a bad sign. The website is missing some of the most crucial pieces of information. They seam to be a company that hasn’t put much time into their business or website.

Who’s Behind TradeNetCoin?

Another of the issues with TradeNetCoin is there is no information on who is behind the company. Also, there is no information on the location of the company headquarters. Hiding personal information is a lack of transparency and bad red flag. It’s like they’re trying to hide something from the public eye and users.

TradeNetCoin Conclusion

If you’re looking to get in with a high-quality cryptocurrency company, I would hold off on TradeNetCoin – they seem to have some issues with releasing information, so until they become more transparent, they are considered a high risk investment.


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