If you are familiar with the idea of stock exchanges, you will have no trouble grasping cryptocurrency exchanges. They provide a marketplace to buy/sell/trade cryptocurrencies.

There are tons of cryptocurrency exchanges out there, some have fiat currency support some don’t. Some have altcoin support but some don’t. Some are good for margin trading while some have numerous currency listings. A trader has to find ways to find the ones that are most suited to their needs.

About TradeOgre

TradeOgre is a cryptocurrency trading site that gives you the option to trade 18 cryptocurrency with Bitcoins. The cryptocurrency listed on this site are Aeon, Alloy, BitCoal, Bytecoin, Civitas, Dash, Electroneum, FreelaBit, IntenseCoin, Karbo, Litecoin, Monero, PeepCoin, Stellite, Strayacoin, Sumokoin, Turtlecoin and Verge.

Listings are divided into columns that shows the currency, daily percentage change, price, volume, 24h highs and 24h lows, each of which can be sorted in ascending and descending order.

Each market can then be individually explored by clicking on the hyperlink provided which takes you to a page where you can see a graphical representation of the market changes of that particular coin. This can be filtered to see hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly fluctuations.

If you are signed in you can put your buy/sell bid effortlessly from this page itself. They even show your trading and order history coupled with market history to make all necessary data available on one screen. There is a dynamic footer which shows the value of BTC in USD all the time so that you are always aware about the trading currency.

The ease of the interface makes and limited functionality makes it a suitable options for beginners and amateurs and their API makes it suited for developers to integrate TradeOgre in their own products.

Tradeogre Features

The features provided by TradeOgre makes it simple yet compelling BTC to altcoin trading destination.

  1. Fee Schedule: TradeOgre implements a 0.2% trading fee on all fulfilled orders, which is one of the lowest in the industry. Withdrawal fees are dynamically calculated based on the specific coin, although they strive to have minimal withdrawal fees.
  2. API: Developers can use free to use API provided by TradeOgre an implement it in their products. The API is an easy to use interface that gives anyone the ability to access the market. Requests are made using standard HTTP and response are returned in JSON format. The API can be customized to suit your needs and they even have a private and public option.
  3. Clean and friendly interface: The interface is inspired by most stock exchange listings, thus giving it a familiar interface.
  4. Easy registration: The registration process is simple with only your email required. Trading can be done after you have linked your bitcoin wallet.

TradeOgre Conclusion

TradeOgre has a cult like following because of its limited currency listings. People who follow the currencies listed above love this site because of its simple interface and low transaction fees. You can sign in and start trading on their website

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