Are you or someone in your life a gamer? Do you have an interest in free economy market predictions? Is gaining cryptocurrency something you have an interest in? If all of the aforementioned lifestyle interests are your bag, then check out Tradeplayz.

What Is Tradeplayz?

With the gaming industry still on the rise, Tradeplayz took the concept of stock market predictions and online video games and created a unique system. The vision behind Tradeplayz is to build the users skills in trading environments, peer-to-peer interaction through the system, and to establish the organization to be one of the highest quality mainstream platforms.

Tradeplayz Team & Company

Rest assured, the producers and market research team are all gifted in financial aptitude and nerdiness. The owner and CEO of this unique blockchain program is Alex Vinokurov. He has over a decade’s worth of experience in financial markets, and currently is part of a broker company. Vinokurov’s right-hand man is Michael Todd, who is the official Corporate Business Development Director with also over a decade in the field of business development.

Next is Team Lead Leonid Minderov, Anton Ignatov who developed programs for Android, Artem Nurullin as Product Manager, Yana Bespalova for head of Public Relations, Alex Kondratenko as Chief Design Officer, Julia Baldina as accountant, Vitaly Litvak as Public Relations coordinator, Polina Karkina as UX/UI Designer for the application interactions, and Nikita Krestyannikov as a Co-founder for the Tradeplayz beta stages all the way through the launch.

There is also an extensive board of advisors, which are listed as follows: Katrina Arden, Ken Tachibana, Thierry De Gorter, Aleksey Tyumentsev, Jason Coles and Bobby Barone. Each has had a hand in blockchain development and ICO launch campaigns.

TradePlayz Fantasy Crypto Investment Trading App Technology

Bet a dime you’re wondering how the infrastructure of this application works. Thankfully, Tradeplayz has provided a user-friendly manual which breaks down the process into simple steps. When step one is complete, step two is more interesting. Here are the juicy bits you’ve been waiting for.

Starting off, you’ll need a digital Ethereum based wallet in order to have a vault for your currency. If you already have one at your fingertips, you’re a step ahead in the game and if you don’t, it is fairly easy and quick to create one. The crypto wallets that Tradeplayz supports are Etherium, MyEtherWallet, Parity, and Metamask.

The games are in essence a projection of live cryptocurrency exchange rates which allow for participants to determine next action via predictions, as one would in the stock market exchange. The Zed token is the winnings one receives, as well as the entry cost of the games. The games consist of blockchain technology in which the users propose smart contracts after having studied the various values and investments. Now is a good time to do your homework.

Tradeplayz games are held between two or more people. The players have three options in terms of the application’s capabilities; A small tournament with entry fees, a large tournament with entry fees, and a private tournament which has no fees attached, but will require password authentication.The “winner” is determined by the knowledge and the capital gain from the trading and contracting. Intriguing, right?

An element Tradeplayz encourages is, as users continue to build their skill sets, the feedback from the transactions and exchanges are powerful tools which they can take with them to the real world markets and continue to gain and grow in those environments.

TradePlayz TPZ ICO Details

The Zed token is the official currency for Tradeplayz. A single Zed token values stakes at approximately 20 cents of U.S. currency. The token’s official ICO launch began on Feb 1st, 2018 and will end on April 15th, 2018. The projected quantity of Zeds Tradeplayz is aiming to reach is 30,000,000 although the hard cap is at 100,000,000.

TradePlayz Verdict

After all is said and done, the nature of the Tradeplayz blockchain setup gives rise to the
questions of one, is it considered gambling, and two, is it legal? In lieu of the questionable characteristics of the application, it was enough of a grey line that legal associates of Tradeplayz had to comprise a certified document in order to distinguish what is considered legal gambling versus illegal activity. The document is titled “Game of Skill” and can be downloaded from their page.

In the vein of the actual application usage, the framework seems fairly self-explanatory. However, if you are completely new to the field of cryptocurrency and especially to field economics, then this may not be the system for you. Conversely, if you are desiring to build your skill sets, then perhaps Tradeplayz is an appropriate training ground.

In terms of ethics, the company does seem to value transparency and does it’s best to educate all who cross its’ path. Would we try it? Sure. As with any cryptocurrency market, it is important to bear in mind going in that there are certain losses to be had, so be prepared to part with your funds. Or, you can evolve your understanding and also gain a great deal.

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