While bots are defined as software programs that operate by executing repetitive tasks, the meaning is now going further to include self-conscious AI bot that answers practically any query you might have.

At first glance, TradeRiser is an ICO that would fall in such a category because the venture is planning to present its AI-bot concept to the masses by using blockchain technology. Here how your next trading profits could be coming from an AI-based bot assistant.

What Is TradeRiser?

TradeRiser plans to release the next generation bot technology wave through their expert AI-enterprise bot system that will work to ensure its answers any trade question the user might pose to it. The trade assistant bot works as a specialized knowledge database which is unlike the typical enterprise-grade or automated bots currently in use.

How TradeRiser Blockchain AI Research Crypto Trading Assistant Works


The blockchain ledgers are the publicly verifiable record that will be in use to confirm both the financial analysts and content producers on the TradeRiser system

Natural Language Processing

The Natural Language processing protocol sets the automatic or semi-automatic processing platform to address the economic data questions while also organizing and classifying the platform's news event data.

Q&A System

At the heart of TradeRiser's Research Assistant is a question and answer system that borrows from the NLP and process of asking the questions and receiving answers.


The Research bots will be AI-driven working under machine learning showing larger models to improve advent in-depth knowledge.

TradeRiser Benefits

TradeRiser enlist the following reasons as to why it’s excellent for use:


The TradeRiser Research assistant will have a quick discover feature to allow users to identify investment and trading opportunity.

Question Variety

The Research Assistant is also set to answer any of the user's question through the TradeRiser natural language queries.


Get to use the statistics to formulate and test out your very own trading strategies on the TradeRiser software.


The TradeRiser platform will establish an intelligent system to analyze new from world events and their potential effects on the cryptocurrency markets.


Expect to leverage the power of blockchain to create the decentralized ecosystem of financial analysts.


Get to receive trading signals and alerts form the TradeRiser and keep yourself ahead of the investing game.

TradeRiser XTI Token & ICO Details

TradeRiser is also set to list their native token in the form of XTI coin. Research consumers will need to hold the XTI token to gain access the features of the research marketplace and community edition. Additionally, XTI token holders will have the benefit of higher voting power and greater access too.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Pre-ICO – Period- May, 2018 till June 2018
  • ICO – Period- TBA
  • Ticker- XTI
  • Platform- Ethereum
  • Model- ERC20
  • Payment methods- BTC, ETH
  • Token supply- 500,000,000 XTI
  • Pre-ICO value- 1 XTI= $0.07
  • ICO round value- 1 XTI=$0.10
  • Crowdsale target- $23,000,000

Distribution Plan

  • Crowd sale- 50%
  • Founders, advisors and employees- 25%
  • Community ecosystem incentivization- 15%
  • Bounty and referrals- 5%
  • Strategic Partnerships and future development- 5%

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