Tradle: Trusted Global Blockchain KYC Regulatory Framework?

There are some serious issues when it comes to using cryptocurrencies. One of the major problems is the anonymous use of digital currencies. While some would see that exchanging funds through cryptocurrencies as a way to cut out the middleman, there is a hole that is filled with less than admirable intentions.

The Bitcoin has had the unfortunate situation of having funds pushed through due to the lack of security of who the funds are being transferred to. The lack of accountability makes it easier for criminal activities to take place in the cryptospace.

However, there is one company that sees this potential hazard and has come up with a solution for it. Tradle is an identity platform that can be used globally. Tradle is ensuring that funds from one party are handled accordingly, and they are trying to keep the crypto space clean and organized by doing all the heavy lifting for you.

Due to the nature of Tradle, the platform is open-source and keeping things as transparent as possible. The company is enabling security audits and incorporating high-speed innovations that fit with the regulations set forth by governments.

What Is Tradle?

Tradle has been around for a while now, and you may have seen their names splashed on sites like WIRED, The Wall Street Journal, International Business Times, CoinDesk, The Telegraph, The Banker, and many other well established publishing sites. The company has won the award for being “Most Innovative FinTech,” as well as “Tech for Integrity Legal Award.”

According to the their site, Bob Blower is listed as Tradle's NED along with six other individuals who have made Tradle what it is today. The company is striving to create the best platform for keeping the books clean when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Without Tradle, there is no telling who is receiving the funds or if the money is going to an illegal organization.

The goal for Tradle is to ensure each and every transaction is accounted for both the consumer and the companies that deal with digital currency transactions.

Tradle Trusted Global Blockchain KYC Regulatory Framework Product

The idea behind Tradle is the blockchain based framework which bridges the gap between individuals and companies. The purpose is to have new customers interactions comply with the government rules that are in place.

Tradle will take out all the hard work so that you as a company don't have to. Tradle will worry about the server, security, network, and app frustrations so that you can focus on building your brand and business by incorporating cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

The site doesn't offer any prices or plans for their services, however, they do offer a trial so that you can see for yourself if Tradle will work best for your business.

Tradle Verdict

Tradle has an array of awards to prove that it is ahead of the game when it comes to blockchain technology and security issues. The last thing anyone wants to be associated with criminal activity. Tradle is the middleman that will enforce the rules set in place so that you can focus on other things that will grow your business.

Due to the expansion of blockchain and digital currency, there is no doubt that you will need the service of Tradle to keep things clean and organized. So, you happen to be looking for a company to handle your audits using cryptocurrencies, then Tradle is for you. When it comes to capital and risk allocation, you don’t want a company that doesn’t know what they are doing. Tradle has proven time and again that they can handle whatever job you want to throw at them.

And although they don’t offer any pricing for their services, it is clear that they are everything you could need for converting your KYC forms into a real-time collection overnight. No other company can provide this kind of service. So if you need data entry and KYC sharing processed on the web or mobile devices, and you need it done quickly, they are the company for you.

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